Lip-gloss: Check! Mascara: Check! Hair: Check! Nails: Check! And Dress: Check!

I stare at the gorgeous figure standing in front of the mirror. "I look perfect!" I say as I flip my hair, turn around, wink and strike a pose at the mirror. This is the first day of classes and I really have to look great for I can't stand being defeated by new girls at my school. I always have to be on top, I always have to be the center of attention and I always have to be the object of infatuation of all the boys in my school.

I take the keys and my bag on my bedside table and slowly walk with my 4 inched-heel sandals. Before I head to the car, Brandon, my brother, says something. "What?" I yell.

"Mom said drop by Mrs. Klein before going home this afternoon, alright?" Brandon places his mug of hot chocolate over the table and bites on his pie.

"What for?" I raise a brow.

"Got no idea." Brandon says without removing his eyes from the T.V.

"Hey, what do you think?" I say, putting my hands on my waist, as though a Beauty Pageant contestant.

He consumes his pie before glancing at me. "Pretty." He says and glues his eyes again on the TV.

"Oh. You no fun. Come on. Take a better look at me. Do I look simple? What?" I say, turning around and striking a pose again.

Brandon narrowed his eyes as if thinking deeper. "You. Look. Fantastic! There. You heard it. Happy?"

"You're lying." I pout and walk to his chair.

"I'm not. And please, stop bothering me." He says, turning off the TV. He gets his book and bag on top of the table and heads for the door. I sigh; sometimes I think my brother doesn't love me. And, yes, I know guys aren't into this kind of things but it seems like he doesn't care about me at all. Look, he didn't even say Goodbye or Take care or whatever to me. He just… go.


He's a year older than me and we go to the same school but we never went to school together because he doesn't want me in his car so our parents bought me my own. We're totally different in a lot of ways, starting from music, to fashion, to food, etc. It was a surprise to even be complimented by him this morning.

Oh, well. I flip my hair and walk my way to my pink car.