Intrepid Detectives On A Mission

The College Years

Case of the Missing Scholarship

Synopsis: Taking place during the High School and College years of our heroes ending with their employement, success, marriages and family lives.

~*~ Characters ~*~

Brandon Logan Thomas Junior, whose father, Brandon Devon Sr. is a police officer

Tyrone Luke Thomas, his younger brother

Tabitha Thomas, the mother of the boys, loving and devoted wife to Brandon Devon Sr.

Tiara Thomas, token librarian for the team, makes sure all 'minutes' are up to date and that the Detectives keep up to task

'Angie' Angela Louisa Lopez, the street smart athlete

Lord Colin Postelwaithe, token 'rich' spoiled kid, tends to be impulsive, a British import

Lynn Cloudfeather, the 'brain' and spiritual one

Sue Ming, treasurer, secretary, violin player

Hanz Friedrich Ludwig, exchange student from Germany. Very rational, logical, and often quiet

Hanai Koto, whom having since redeemed himself from the 'Promise Ring' incident, is now an integral asset to the team. Poet, sage, and punk with a heart of pure gold.

Definitely one to count on in a pinch with secret knowledge of martial arts and the healing power of chakras.

Morgan Fox, a kind of 'mascot' for the team. Artsy-craftsy member.

Lola Barnette, Tyrone's girlfriend

Darius Koinania, Tiara's boyfriend

Chapter 1—Pressure Mounting

Brandon was eager to begin his first day at Chicago University. His other friends were attending other Universities; Colin had gone home to Eaton in order to learn more about lawyering, Hanz returned to Germany to become an injury and fraud lawyer, Hanai had remained in the States to learn more of music, art and theatre and alternative healing, Morgan too had chosen the path of the thespian. Sue had gotten a scholarship to a school of music, well on her way to becoming a virtuoso vilonist, also dabbling in private investigating on the side. Lynn had chosen to become a psychic detective and learned more about how to tap into her ability to remote view as well as pyschometrize objects. She was soon to be a famous medium, Brandon was certain of that. As for the final member, Angie, she had received a sports scholarship for volleyball and track, but this wasn't her life's desire. She wanted to become a social worker, and assist those less fortunate in becoming employed and self-sufficient. Brandon would be training to become a police officer like his father, even though in school he would be a Renaissance man, like all of his friends were becoming.

Brandon was satisfied that his days of wearing uniforms had come to a close (at least for now until coming into Police Academy). He had filed away his community service/exhemplary grades scholarship in his bookcase for the first day of school, wondering how much different University life would be than High School. He lived on campus, away from his friends and family, which made him slightly lonesome, but he felt that soon he would be making new friends anyway. After all, his roommate, Patrick Boyle, was a really cool guy. They had quite a bit in common, even down to the video games they enjoyed playing. But this morning was already going several kinds of wrong. He couldn't find his Ipod, which he usually kept on his nightstand, or what he wanted to wear to class.

He looked for his scholarship and it was missing. He began to suspect Patrick but mentally kicked himself for making such a paranoid accusation. He had just befriended Mr. Boyle, and nothing that Patrick did made him seem like a theif. He began to wonder who had done this, but he didn't have much time to find out. He calmed himself and gathered his thoughts. He would definitely have to explain himself to the Dean but he was certain that the Dean would be understanding. He knew he'd have to solve this case himself. Honestly, though, Brandon had always wanted to tackle a mystery of this calliber and knew that his mental faculties wouldn't fail him now.

Chapter 2—The Shifty, Shady Malcom Dodds

Brandon was put into a grace period by the understanding Dean of Affairs, Dean Stephan Mastersen. Mr. Mastersen had quickly bonded with Brandon, becoming a surrogate father to him.

"I've heard of your work in the past and have no doubt in my mind you'll be able to find the person who did this to you. What I don't comprehend is why they would.", Stephan admitted, adjusting his square-framed glasses. The towering, balding, greying Dean clapped the young black man's shoulder, reassuring him.

"Keep searching, and never give up until justice is met.", Stephan added before Brandon went to class. Those words of encouragement steeled Brandon in continuing his search. One way or another, he would find his scholarship, even if it took him the entire semester to do so.

Patrick Boyle's friends were rather ecclectic, but one of them had an aura of slyness around him. He was slicker than a water moccasin, and he was well aware of it. His name was Malcom Dodds, and he was the only one of Pat's friends who smoked regularly, knowing that day by day, each cigarette drew him closer to the grave. Malcom was more of a loner and had the uncanny ability to weasel his way into conversations and lavish attention on himself. He had a tendency to be a little possessive about his friends as well, much like a lover would be. Brandon wondered if perhaps Malcom might be bi-curious, but he wasn't about to discover that on his own.

Chapter 3—Tactful Confrontation

Seeing Malcom afar off, Brandon noticed him take a long, sultry drag on a Camel and blow a singular circle shaped ring, followed by a string of others. This was another parlor trick he enjoyed using, especially around beautiful women, who seemed to be attracted to him even though he reeked of carbon monoxide.

"Malcom ! Malcom, I need to talk to you.", Brandon said, approaching the purple-spiky haired rogue. Malcom lowered his sunglasses and sneered.

"Yeah ? What is it, Brandon ?", Malcom asked in a deriding tone.

"Where were you the night of August 10th ?", Brandon questioned. Malcom typically didn't become nervous, but he knew he had been caught. He had only been putting up a front to be a token bad-boy but all he had ever wanted was the undivided attention and friendship of Patrick and nothing more.

"I can see why Pat likes you so much. You're really resourceful and intelligent. I shouldn't have been jealous of your friendship with him. Sorry I was such an ass.", Malcom apologized.

Malcom repented for his actions and a new friendship was forged. Malcom returned the 'borrowed' scholarship and before the day ended, Brandon had all of his files in order.


That night after studies were complete, Pat, Malcom and Brandon hung out at the arcade to solidify their frienship. Malcom's personality was starting to change and it was all thanks to Brandon showing him the error of his ways. Sure, he still smoked, but his weasly ways were now at an end. He had promised Pat, Brandon and himself he would never stoop to getting attention in such a wanton, selfish, criminal way. He had been given a second chance by Dean Mastersen, who had known of Malcom's exhemplary grades and the strides he was making in metaphysical studies. Malcom was going to work for NASA someday, at least, that is what he had planned for his future.

"And what lead you to believe it was Dodds ?", Sue asked, along with her friends in the multi-video conference via Skype.

"He was the only other person I had known who had been in our dorm. Pat had given him an extra key, since he trusted him so much. It was all a case of jealousy, and probably a slight crush.", Brandon said.

"And you're sure Malcom can be trusted now ?", Colin questioned, dubiously. He had seen a photo of the punky puckish character before and didn't exactly like him.

"Yeah. Malcom's really not such a bad apple. He was simply misunderstood.", Brandon responded.

"That's wicked, bro ! I never thought you'd be solving a case without our help, but I had a feeling you could do it. You're our leader, after all.", Tyrone mentioned, adoring his brother from afar. His girlfriend, Lola, looked on a bit shyly and waved at Brandon, almost as if she were a fan-girl with a super-sized crush on him.

"Congrats ! It gives me even more confidence that you're going to be a terrific police officer one day.", Angie stated, proudly.

"Oh, come on, Ang. You're beginning to sound like my mother.", Brandon groaned playfully.

It had been true, Angie had been one of the 'den mothers' of the team when it was together, but Lynn even moreso.

"Everything else is squared away, then ? When are we going to reunite. I miss the good old days when we worked together.", she chimed in.

"Oh, our time will come, I'm certain of that. The Intreped Detectives are still a unit. That never was a question.", Brandon replied, with a broad smile. They spent the rest of the evening chatting and catching up, empathizing about their course workload and the brilliant futures they had ahead of them. Yet, they hadn't known how right Brandon was about them reconvening once again, and this time, they would have a mole named Malcom on their side.

To Be Continued...

In the next chapter, "Case of the Ford Feud", there are two brothers, Kyle and Kevin Ford who both are born to weath and privilige. The elder, Kyle, is supposed to receive the heritage, but worries that he isn't worthy of the family business (stock). Kevin begins to feel jealous, wondering why he wasn't chosen for the task of taking on the family business as well as running the Ford ranch. He becomes so angry, that it is believed that he will do anything to usurp the fortune from his brother's hands, even if they are cold and dead. Kyle finds himself the victim of an accident that wounds him critically but not to the point of death. The last thing Kyle remembers is driving in his Bentley alone and being blindsided by another vehicle before everything went black. Kevin is suspect, but he denies having part in being involved in the wreck. What will the verdict of Colin's lie detector test reveal, as well as the shots from Chicago PD's traffic cams ? You will have to wait and see, my pretties.