I hated being alone, and that's what I was all the time alone. Father would never let me step foot out of our fenced in yard. I was lucky to get out of the house. I hate my father… he's the perfect villain in my eyes. He says it's for my own good. You see my father is very depressed, he's widowed and completely alone in the world like me. He is a complete hermit and hasn't stepped out of the house in years. He gets the maids and butlers to do everything. I hate him for trying to control my life; arranged marriage, recessive piano practice, it's like he treats me like a toy. His perfect porcelain doll. The day of June 3, 1874 in France was hot, my birthday the day it all began… "Madame Evelyn please come into the sitting room for tea." This was my maid her name was Marie. She is like the annoying elder sister you never wanted. I gave her a snooty look behind her back as I followed her into the sitting room. My father sat there in his favorite chair pale as a ghost. Marie left the room. "Eve play me a song." Father said this as if it was a command, pointing to the piano. He never started a conversation with a greeting, or with me at least. Not even on my birthday. I sat down and closed my eyes, took a deep breath and began to play. I played three whole songs then stood up my pale blue Victorian dress swaying with my movement, "is that all?" I asked sounding purposely annoyed. "How old are you this year?" My father asked. "Are you serious?" I asked furiously. I felt my face get hot. I left the room with my eyes brimming with tears. I couldn't stand him. I walked passed all the maids and butlers to my room. And stayed there for the rest of the day. ****** I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange rather handsome man in my room looking straight at me. He said, "Good morning beautiful want to come with me on a stroll?" I just stared at him kind of confused. This must be a dream. "Are you deaf?," he joked, "come on." He held out his hand. For all I know this man could be a robber or a rapist but I took his hand and he lead me out of my home and passed my gated in yard, into my fathers woods. The whole time holding his hand. ****** I must've fallen asleep because I woke up and I was in a large bed in a room with little bottles, candles, and other unknown items laying around and over flowing shelves. I sat up right. There was quite a lot of noise in the next room and in the bottom left corner was a gorgeous red lacey dress. Just my size. I got up and realized all I had on was my nightgown, I quickly put on the dress the squeezed my waist a little to tight and walked out of the cluttered room to follow the voices. They led me to a dining room with all loud men, some drunk some completely sober. I walked in quietly and everything was silent, all eyes on me. The young man who led me here said welcomingly, "hey there sleeping beauty I thought you'd never wake up. We've been waiting to ask you a question."