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Chapter 1: We're Both Girls, Right?

I always get asked why and how I became such a lesbian pervert. Well, now I'm writing it down to preserve forever.

Ready for this?

Hello, my name is Alyssa. My story all started when I was 17. In fact, it was my seventeenth birthday. For future reference: at the time, I was a short, brown-haired girl with (reportedly) piercing green eyes and plump lips. My hair was shoulder-length and my breasts were just barely C cup. Luckily, my birthday is July tenth, so it was right in the middle of summer, so even though it was a weeknight, my best friend Rena stayed the night to celebrate. Now, this started as any regular sleep-over. We greeted each other, gossiped, all that other stuff. Any other day before this, if you asked, I would have responded "Of course I'm straight!" But tonight, something happened that would make me reconsider this for nearly a year.

Rena was sitting on my bed reading a book of mine while I was droning mindlessly about nothing. It happens when I get tired. Rena sighed. "I'm tired, Lyssa." Lyssa, even though only a letter off my real name, was Rena's nickname for me. I only let her call me that.

"What time is it?" I asked groggily.

"It's only ten." She said looking at her cell phone.

"Damn, we're out of it, aren't we?" I asked her.

"Yeah, normally we're not tired until like, one."

"Here's the deal," I said standing up off my bed. "I'll take a shower to wake myself up. What do you do to wake yourself up?"

"I dunno." She yawned. "Maybe you being awake will make me awake. You go shower and I'll change into my pajamas."

"Okay!" I jumped up and went into the bathroom across the hall from my room and took a cold shower. It did a good job of waking me up. After about ten minutes, I finished up my shower and stepped out of the shower. I looked around the bathroom for a minute until something dawned on me. "Shit. I forgot a towel." So I peeked out the door to check for my parents. No one was in the hall between my room and the bathroom, so I hurried across and into my room. I opened the door and stepped into my room to see my best friend Rena totally naked. I backed up a little and ran into the door.

"Oh, sorry Lyssa." Rena said casually. "I got caught up in the book and waited too long to change." It was now I really started to take in her appearance. She was only slightly taller than me, with blonde hair going just past her shoulders. Her breasts were a little bigger than mine, but bigger enough to tell.

I felt my face heat up and said the only thing I could muster. "Yours are bigger than mine. I'm jealous." She laughed, which eased the tension. I felt so weird! I had this weird feeling in my gut that I never had before then. I had seen Rena in only her underwear before, and felt nothing. Why was it different when she was naked? I, dripping from my shower, pointed to my dresser beside her. "Can you get a towel for me please?" Rena looked distracted. Her blue eyes seemed to be scanning me. "Rena." I said, snapping her out of her trance. "Towel?"

"Huh? Oh sure."

"First drawer." I instructed. She grabbed a towel from the first dresser drawer and threw it to me. She then turned to her bag of clothes and pulled out her pajamas. I dried off and got pajamas on, the whole time thinking about my best friend being naked. The entire time, that weird feeling in my gut stayed. Was….was I turned on? I shrugged it off and we resumed normal protocol. At around midnight, we were sitting Indian style facing each other on my bed.

"So what do we talk about now?" Rena asked.

"I don't know." I admitted.

She thought for a moment. "Hey, Lyssa."


"Are my boobs really bigger than yours?" She asked. I felt my face heat up. We never talked about boobs before.

"Well yeah." I said. "It's easy to see. Mine are definitely smaller."

"Let's compare." She said taking off her pajama top.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"We're both girls, aren't we? It's okay." She assured me.

"O-okay…" I took off mine nervously and we sat awkwardly staring at each other. "….So?" I asked.

"I can't tell…" Rena said. "Here, this will work." She cupped one of her own breasts and, very carefully, moved the cupped hand to my breast. "Well, you're right." She cupped my breast, which made me gasp. "Mine are a little bigger. I had to tighten my grip on yours."

"Told you!" I said sticking my tongue out. I acted normal, but inside, my gut tightened. My breast had never been felt by anyone before. Even in the shower, I didn't grip them like that. It felt new. It felt…..weird. That feeling in my gut returned. I even felt a tingling between my legs. What was going on?! The rest of the night was normal, except for the thoughts going through my head.

The next few days, I was silent and thoughtful. My best friend and I saw each other naked, so what? It must happen all the time with best friends. Why was I feeling so weird? Then, about a week later, it dawned on me. Was I…lesbian? It would make sense. I had to make sure. One day, my parents were out of the house, so I looked up porn. I was testing whether I was lesbian or not, so I started with gay men. After ten minutes of guys doing each other, I was feeling nothing like my gut feeling when I saw Rena. Then I pulled up a porn video of straight sex. The video was nothing special, just a guy fucking a girl. But I found myself paying more attention to the girl than the guy. Then, the guy started fucking her really rough and her breasts started bouncing violently. Seeing this, and hearing her screams, I got that gut feeling again. I stared in awe at her bouncing boobs and felt a strong tingling sensation between my legs. My vagina was getting moist. I realized this and my eyes widened. Well, there was still one kind of porn video I hadn't tried yet. I looked up a lesbian porn video. In the 30 minutes that video lasted, I learned almost everything that lesbians do to each other when they don't have toys available. The video was about this blonde girl and a red-head making out, fingering each other, eating each other out, and at one point, they even began scissoring! It was making me feel so many new sensations. I was horny, wet, you name it. Eventually, I reached up my shirt and started fondling my own breasts.

I, Alyssa, my parent's "Perfect angel" was masturbating to lesbian porn.

The school year started normally, but I kept my newfound sexuality a secret at all costs. When left alone, I masturbated to more porn and found continuous new ways to please myself. It felt so good, but every time I made myself orgasm, I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty that this all came about from my best friend. I realized had to eventually tell her my newfound sexuality. We were best friends; we never kept secrets from each other. I started wanting to tell her this around October that year, but it wasn't until New Years Day that she learned.

And here's how it happened.

My parents let her stay the night for New Year's Eve because a few days earlier, she had told me she was moving away before our Winter Break ended on the tenth. This was our last night together for who knows how long. Well, my parents went out partying and told us girls that they'd be home around two. Maybe. We watched the countdown to the New Year on TV together, talking and joking the whole time, like we normally do. Then things changed. It was the countdown. We were excitedly counting down the seconds until the New Year. When we got to zero, we both yelled "Happy New Year!"

Then, I grabbed her cheeks and kissed her. To this day, I don't know what came over me. I realized what I did and pulled away from her, blushing about a zillion different shades of red. "S-sorry." I stammered.

"That's okay…" She said, also blushing. The next half hour was a silent and awkward one. We sat on opposite sides of the room without speaking to each other. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. "Um, Rena…"

"Yes?" She asked. I walked closer to her.

"Um….about that kiss. I'm sorry. I just…don't know what came over me."

"Oh, it's okay, Lyssa." She said.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god." I was silent again, and she walked towards me. We met in the middle of my living room. "I was wondering…" I finally said. "Can we…do that again?" I grew deep red, and her face almost matched.

"Oh, I don't know…" She said fiddling with her hair.

I gulped, "We're both girls. It's okay….right?" I asked, getting closer to her.

"I guess, but…" She never finished her thought.

I kissed her suddenly and softly. I pulled away after a couple seconds, but she leaned back into another kiss. This kiss grew more passionate as I lightly bit her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She allowed and our tongues played with each other delicately. I started to run my hands down her sides and Rena shuddered. She moaned into the kiss and we broke away, blushing deeply.

I said the smartest thing that came to mind: "Um…"

Rena hugged me tight and led me to my bedroom, where it all started. "Lyssa… Ever since your birthday, I've been wondering…who I was." She admitted to me.

I gasped. "You too? I was wondering that too."

"And…what did you come up with?" Rena asked nervously.

"I…I'm lesbian." I said shifting my weight from one foot to another. "What did you come up with?" I asked her back.

"I think I'm…I'm a lesbian too." Rena and I stared at each other for a moment. "Alyssa…" She finally said breaking the silence. She hadn't called me by my full name for over a year.

"What is it, Rena?"

Rena kissed me again. "I love you." She said when she pulled back. I gasped audibly. She blushed and turned away suddenly. I heard her crying softly.

"Rena." I said, making her turn back to me. I kissed her suddenly and pulled away. "I love you too." I could see tears welling up in her eyes, but I knew they were tears of happiness. We kissed again and after a few minutes, Rena tugged at the bottom of my shirt. I broke the kiss and she took the opportunity to remove my shirt. "Should we…do this?" I asked nervously.

"Please, Lyssa." Rena pleaded. "I've been yearning for your touch. I want you. So bad." I'd never heard anything like this before. I felt myself grow wet.

"O-okay." I stuttered. I removed her shirt and stared in awe at Rena's breasts. They were hidden by her bra, though. I unclipped her bra and it dropped to the floor, allowing a full view of her full breasts. "They're so…beautiful." I said running my hands over them.

Rena moaned. "Please… More."

I complied and kneaded her breasts tightly. She let out a loud moan, which I silenced by kissing her passionately. I pinched her hardened nipples and she moaned into our kiss again. I broke away and kneeled down until I was face-to-breast with her wonderful chest. I fondled her right breast while I took her left breast into my mouth. Her boobs felt so good in my mouth! She threw back her head and moaned as I swirled my tongue around her nipple. After a couple minutes, I switched which breast was in my mouth and started giving the same treatment to her right breast. The entire time, she was moaning, which made me even wetter. Finally, I was done with her breasts and stood straight to kiss her again. She kissed back passionately and laid me down on my bed. She broke the kiss and sat on my stomach. She removed my bra and threw it to the side.

"Are you ready for this?" She asked running her hands over my breasts very softly.

Now it was my turn to moan. "I want it," I said desperately, "I want it so bad, Rena!" She kissed me once more and moved to my breasts. She kneaded them together and pulled them apart. She squeezed them and made me moan loudly. "Oh god, Rena. More." She took my right breast into her mouth and played with the other one gently. I groaned loudly as her tongue met my nipple and traced circles around it. She did this a little more before sucking my nipple, making me moan louder and switching breasts. She gave an identical treatment to my left breast. This entire time, I felt myself growing wetter and wetter. My panties were soaked. Rena was done with my breasts after a moment and trailed kisses up my chest to my neck. She sucked my neck hard enough to leave a hickie, which made me moan even more. She kissed me again and when we pulled away, I whispered to her, "Please… I want it all."

"What?" Rena asked.

I was in heat so hard. I couldn't hold it back anymore. "I want you to eat me out!" I yelled in an explosion of pure lust. "Please…fuck my pussy. I want you… to be the first to see it in heat… Make me cum." I panted.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yes!" I yelled in more lust. "I'm sure! I'm so damn horny and wet!" I had lost control at this point. Rena nodded nervously and moved down to my waist. She removed my pants and gasped at the huge wet spot on my pure white panties. "See? Now give it to me! PLEASE!" She pulled off my panties and I spread my legs as wide as I could for her. Once again, I was totally naked for my best friend to see. She stared at my wet pussy for what felt like eternity. Finally, I gave a strangled groan and she moved in closer. She traced my entrance with her finger, causing me to moan loudly. "Yes, like that…" I urged her on. She leaned down to my womanhood, and right before she could lick it, we heard the door downstairs unlock.

"Shit!" She gritted her teeth. I was snapped out of my lust and hurriedly put my clothes back on. We were blushing, but back to normal by the time my parents walked in my room in a drunken stupor to check on us. They left my room after seeing we were okay and went off to bed. I groaned and leaned my head on Rena's shoulder. We were so close. I was so close to officially having my first sex. My first LESBIAN sex. My first lesbian sex WITH MY BEST FRIEND. She ran her fingers through my hair as I sobbed into her shoulder.

"I love you, Rena."

"I love you too, Alyssa." I looked her in the eyes.

"We were so close. I was so close." I complained.

"I know, I know. Someday, we'll get back together. And someday, we'll finish what we started, okay?"

"Okay, but I'm still so…" I paused, "Horny."

"I know, but we can't do anything with your parents nearby, even if they are drunk."

"Ugh, fine." I said. I laid down in my bed and fell asleep after what felt like forever.

The next morning, when Rena left, was the last I would see of her for years.

But this, my friends, is only the beginning of my story.

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