Chapter 7: Becca

Jen had opened my eyes, Anne treated me well, and Elizabeth rocked my world (along with an unexpected guest.) The last member of the friend group on my to-do list was Becca. She was Jen's height and had the same color hair, but that's where physical similarities stopped. Her hair was long and went down to the small of her back. It also had these cool pink highlights strewn about. Her stormy gray eyes were easy to get lost in, and they held an insatiable amount of lust. Compared to us, who started developing in 8th grade, she started developing way back in sixth! She now had D cup breasts and the sexiest legs ever (if you're into legs). She was what would pass as emo, wearing lots of black, listening to screamo and not talking to anyone but her friends, which happened to be Jen, Anne, Liz, and me. But really, she was nice and quite a happy, if perverted, person.

My birthday came around and the whole friend group gathered for the celebration at Becca's house. It was a small party, but we had loads of fun nonetheless. During the festivities, Jen found me and wrapped an arm around me. "Are you enjoying your party, sexy?"

I nodded quickly. "I sure am!"

Jen gave me a smile, and watching her lips curve upwards made me want to lean in and kiss them, so I did. "Oh!' Jen blushed, surprised.

"What's the matter?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at her. "It's my party and I can kiss who I want to."

Anne entered the conversation with, "well, who do you want to kiss?"

Liz heard this and bounced over to our side. "Oh oh, I wanna kiss the birthday girl!"

Becca didn't say anything, but looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Why, I want to kiss all of you, of course!" I said. "I'll start!"

I grabbed Liz's cheeks and pulled her in close, slamming our lips together. It was a playful kiss, but she wasted no time in slipping her tongue inside my mouth, upping the intensity. The other girls cheered us on, and after a minute or so, I pushed her back. I turned to Jen and gave her a proper kiss next, making sure to give her just as much time as Liz had gotten. When we broke apart, Anne swooped in and kissed me hard, wrapping her arms around my neck as we made out.

When we broke apart, Jen said, "Now save some for the girl you're actually going to be fucking tonight."

I turned to face Becca and felt my face heat up when we locked eyes. I looked down her body to the black tank top she was wearing, which was hugging her curves and large breasts rather nicely. Her checkerboard skirt barely made it halfway down her thighs and she wore black tights that only made her legs look even sexier. I took a deep breath and tried to keep myself composed. "You're right," I said, stepping closer to her. "I can't ignore your birthday present for me."

Becca smiled at me. "Oh, I'll make sure to treat you nice," she promised.

The sexual tension between us must have been obvious, because Anne stepped in and said, "maybe you two would like to go get that done sooner rather than later?"

I was definitely ready to go, judging by the warmth I could feel at my crotch. "Yeah, but...what will you guys do in the mean time?"

Becca laced her arm in mine and leaned her head against my shoulder. "I think they'll be able to entertain themselves while we're gone. Right, ladies?"

We received a resounding yes and I couldn't fight against what I so badly wanted. "Alright, let's go, shall we?"

"Oh, we definitely shall," Becca said, leading me to her room eagerly.

"You're so sweet, Becca," I said on our way to the room.

She giggled sweetly. "Oh, just you wait until the door closes."


We reached her room, and the second the door was latched, she grabbed my shoulders and pinned me to the wall. "Tell me," she said, leaning in close and whispering almost desperately. "Have any of those other girls dominated you yet?"

"No, I don't think so..." I said, briefly flashing back to the time I'd spent with the others.

"Good, because none of them are as good at it as I am," Becca said. "I'm going to ravage you."

Without another word, she slammed her lips against mine, tongue in my mouth immediately. We made out passionately as she held me against the wall. My hands shot to her chest and started to touch it, but she grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. "No touching," she said firmly. "Be a good girl until I'm through with you and you can touch me all you like, got it?"

Her demanding tone was so easy to listen to, I nodded wordlessly. She dove back in, our lips meeting once again. We made out sloppily for a few more minutes, and once she'd had enough of that, she let me go, escorting me to her bed. She sat me down on the edge and straddled me, kissing me once more. "Now you're going to fuck me," she said. "Just do as I say and you'll come harder than you ever have before, okay?"

"Y-yes," I said desperately. Being bossed around like this had never been fun for me, but with the reward of mindblowing sex on the line, I was more than okay with being Becca's toy.

She pushed me down so I was lying on my back and slowly crawled up my body. I took a deep breath, excited for what was to come. Finally, she reached her destination, which was a seat on my face. I was shocked at what I saw under her skirt. "You didn't wear any panties?" I asked.

"Of course not," she said, wiggling her glistening pussy above my face. "I knew they were just gonna get taken off anyway, so why bother? Now shut up and eat me out!"

That was all the encouragement I needed. I dove in, relishing the scent of her sex filling my nose and the taste washing over my tongue. I ate her out hungrily and the moans I earned from her mouth were almost as heavenly as her juices. Her somewhat thick thighs squeezed around my head and one of her hands shot down to roughly tug on my hair. "Oh, fuck yes," she groaned through gritted teeth. "Eat me out like the good girl you are."

With her whole weight on top of me, I couldn't do anything but what she told me to even if I didn't want to, and right then, I really fucking wanted to. I ate her out to the best of my abilities, and soon my efforts were paying off. Her thighs squeezed harder around my head and her grip in my hair grew painful as her moans grew louder. "Oh yes, fuck! Oh, Lyssa, I'm cumming!" With one long moan and a full-body shudder, Becca came into my mouth, and I didn't slow down one bit. I cleaned her center up thoroughly while she rode out her orgasm on my tongue, moaning curses down at me all the while.

Finally, she moved off of my face, taking a stand next to her bed. I scanned her body, but there wasn't a whole lot else to see considering she was still fully clothed aside from her lack of panties. She must have read my mind, because she reached up and tugged the collar of her shirt down, putting just a tiny bit more of her bust on display. "Do you want to see more, my dear?" She asked, her words dripping with lust. I nodded wordlessly and she smirked in return. "Then you're gonna have to earn it. Let's start by getting you undressed, shall we?"

I had gotten so absorbed in my partner for the night that I had completely forgotten I was still fully dressed too, but I was more than willing to fix that. I reached down to the hem of my shirt, but before I could lift it, Becca straddled me again, sitting at my waist. "Slow down there, tiger," she said, putting her hands on mine. "I want to savor this moment, so you're gonna go nice and slow for me, okay?"

I gulped and nodded silently. The way she was taking complete control of me was such an unexpected turn on. She leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "don't worry, babe. I'm gonna treat you so well..."

The unabashed confidence and sexual tension in her words made my whole body shiver, and if she'd whispered something like that again, I was sure I was gonna come right then and there. "God, please," I moaned.

"That's just what I like to hear from my good, submissive girls," Becca said with a giggle. "Now let's get your sexy body naked." She wormed her hands under my shirt and placed them firmly on my hips. Her touch sent shivers up and down my spine, and the way she was pressing down on me had me even more at her mercy. She moved her hands up my sides, making sure to take my shirt with them, and I could feel myself get more turned on with every inch of myself that was exposed to her roaming, dominating eyes. When the bottom of my bra was peeking out from my shirt, she roughly tugged me into a sitting position so she could whip my shirt the rest of the way off me in one fluid motion. Once that was tossed to the side and forgotten about, she slammed her lips into mine with enough force to lay me back down. Our tongues explored each other once again, and I could tell she was trying to tempt me into touching her again with the way she pressed her mostly covered chest against my partially exposed one.

When she pulled away, eyes narrowed and sparkling with lust, she smiled. "Nice restraint, my dear," she said. "I think you've earned me going just a little faster."

"P-please," I moaned. Becca wordlessly leaned back down and planted a sloppy kiss on my neck. Then, she moved down and gave one to my collarbone, and continued down until she reached the top of my breasts. She kissed me right where my bra started, meaning only half of her kiss touched skin, and then she skipped the rest of my chest altogether, going instead to my stomach. I shivered, hoping this meant what I think it did, but before I could even finish the thought, she'd reached the waistband of my jeans. She undid them and slowly slid them down. I could tell she meant to go as slow as she did with my shirt, but once my crotch was uncovered and she could see how completely soaked my panties were, she moaned a curse under her breath and yanked them the rest of the way off as quick as possible. "Do you like what you see?" I asked, wiggling my hips and hoping she'd be encouraged to speed up.

"You're so fucking wet for me already and I've barely touched you," she cooed. "I gotta have more of you right fucking now."

"God yes," I whined. "Fuck me Becca, please!"

In a flash, Becca's hands went back up to my waist, so desperate to get my panties off that she nearly tore them off my body. I shuddered as the cool evening air made contact with my wet, hot center, but that was just the start of my pleasure. "Spread those fucking legs for me," Becca growled under her breath as she grabbed my thighs and spread my legs like she was prying apart steel bars. Of course, I was planning to do that anyway, but the way she took control of me made my heart skip a beat. I could see the look on her face just before it disappeared between my legs, and it was one of an entirely different person than the one i'd entered the room with.

The second her tongue was buried in my folds, my whole body tensed. The anticipation for this moment had exploded into pure, carnal bliss, and with a scream of her name, I could feel my orgasm already upon me. "Becca! Fuck, aaah!"

I rode out my orgasm on her tongue, which explored my folds like only an expert could. Once I had come down, panting and gasping her name, Becca resumed her sitting position above me. "See how good it feels to be dominated like that?" She asked. "I wasn't even down there a minute and I had you screaming."

I nodded, out of breath. "You're so good," I moaned, eyes darting down to her breasts straining to be freed from her black shirt.

Becca smiled mischievously. "Thanks! If you want to feel more, you need to help me out again, okay?" I nodded frantically and her smile widened. "Now, I'm finally going to get these damn clothes off, but if you touch me while I'm undressing, we're done, got it?"

My hands twitched, but I gulped and told her what she wanted to hear. "I'll be a good girl. I promise."

Becca reached down and slowly lifted her shirt off her head, revealing the equally black bra underneath. With more of her bust exposed, I had to strain myself not to reach up and help her out. She seemed to tell I was struggling, because her hands traced her curves and outlined her breasts teasingly. "You want to see more, don't you?" She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she reached back and held her hands behind her back to make me think she was undoing her bra. After a few seconds, they fell and instead came to rest at her waist, where they took her skirt off. I almost forgot she wasn't wearing anything underneath it, but seeing that neatly trimmed mound so tantalizingly close to mine made electricity shoot down my spine and straight to my aching core. My whole body tensed as I fought the almost overwhelming urge to do anything to this picture of beauty sitting on top of me.

Becca then reached up behind her back and finally brought my suffering to an end. I heard the snap of her bra hooks coming undone and my eyes widened as her bra fell from her chest, revealing her large, round breasts to me at long last. She gave them a squeeze and winked at me. "You've been waiting to see these all damn night, haven't you?" When I nodded, she giggled. "Well, since you've been such a good girl, I suppose I can let you have at them."

I sat up and my hands shot to the mounds on Becca's chest. I squeezed, kneaded and groped, earning moans of all kinds from my girlfriend for the night. "They weren't kidding when they said you were a boob girl, were they?" She asked, but my mouth was already latched onto one of her puffy nipples. "Fuck it," she moaned. "I can't tease you anymore tonight." I was confused until her hands grabbed my ass roughly and pulled my center in close.

We started scissoring frantically, the sensation sending waves of pleasure radiating out from my hot, wet core. I let one hand remain latched to her boobs while my other snaked down and tweaked her clit to help her along. She returned the favor without hesitation, reaching for my own chest and rubbing my own clit. We moaned each other's names loudly as our pace increased and our pleasure intensified. "Becca, you're so...fucking sexy," I moaned.

"Thanks Lyssa," she groaned back at me. "You've been s-so much fun to-ah, to fuck."

I tried to respond, but the time for casual conversation was passed, because my orgasm was hitting me like a truck. "A-ah, Becca, I'm cumming!" I screamed.

"Come for me, Lyssa," Becca said desperately. "I want you to fucking come for me one last time! AH!"

"Oh, FUCK!" I screamed. We both threw our heads back and loudly moaned each other's names, coming at once one more time. We continued grinding against each other, slowly coming down from our highs. Once we were recovered, we separated our lower lips and locked together with our other lips once again. We made out tenderly, and Becca's soft touch as we kissed surprised me. "You're being awfully gentle with me for having just dominated me," I said, short on breath.

Becca smiled warmly. "I always give my girls some nice aftercare after I have my way with them," she said. "Now should we get back to the party?"

"Maybe in a bit," I said. "I want to kiss you some more, first, if that's okay."

"Since you asked so nicely..."

We embraced again and our lips locked together for one more slow, passionate kiss that I would have been okay with sharing forever.

A/N: And that's all the girls I started this with a plan in mind for! Don't worry, I plan on doing more, but I don't have a ton of ideas, so if there's any kinks you'd like to see me try out, let me know and I'll see if I can come up with anything! :)