Fresh New Inspiration Bath

Poem by FanficFreaks (EppogirlXD)

It's dusty and lifeless everywhere,

The desert stretches for miles,

Besides rocks and sand it's totally bear,

And I only put on a sad smile.

As I walk slowly through the deserted place,

The sun rises and I'm alone,

It's extremely quiet all these days,

Except for the wind that has had blown.

On the dusty ground I spot two stones,

One yellow and one black-and-white,

I pocket the black-and-white one,

And kick the yellow rock with all my might.

Then I spot the silhouettes over the horizon,

The people I've been searching for,

We're not new but all in this together,

They also look sad down to the core.

I join my fellow fanatics,

And we continue to walk on a not-there path,

Aged 11 and above we all hate Nick,

And are all dedicated and die-hard.

Trudge towards the bright sun,

Don't turn to the dark,

We are more mature this year,

And definitely wise and smart.

We all had such high spirits and hope,

But knew we'd lose to the one that stayed longer,

They might have people to back them up,

But we're more dedicated than they ever were.

If you stay on the right path,

The bad will fade and the good will remain,

Take a fresh new inspiration bath,

Fall in place with our domain.

Only quantity will win for one day,

But don't throw quality into the bin,

Remember what we have and remember the fans!

And it will always, always, win.