She looked at the assortment of gifts inside the box. A pair of handcuffs and not the gentle kind. A bottle of aged tequila that must have spent time on the shelf of someone waiting for the right moment.

Her eyes widened as she picked up what looked like...She'd seen them in catalogues that Lois received and they'd joked over them. Various lengths, girth and shade. This one she picked it up and her hand wrapped around it but the fingertips didn't touch. She couldn't even imagine having it inside of her stretching her walls all the way to her womb.

Damn Colton had been busy to pick out all these toys for the time when they would be reunited after the auction had ended. Then she saw the card and flipped it over.

Just my way of letting you imagine all the things I'm going to do to you to you...until then.

She felt her face flush because visions had already filled her head to the point her teeth ached and she had a knot of want in her pussy that wanted to make her climb the walls. It was going to be a very long three days.

"Hey Charlie...ready to go? Got some rail to split…"

She saw Lois leading her saddled horse towards her and hastily closed the box. She wasn't ready to show what was inside yet. Maybe they'd do that after Colton had left town, Though she'd think that Lois just laugh at her and call her the prude.

"Yep ready and saddled up… this is going to be a long day but let's head into town and do some dancing and shots."

Charlie hedged, biting her lip.

"Colton and I… we want to spend our last night together,,,"

Lois giggled.

"It's only three days…"

Charlie sighed, mounting Clover,

"And three nights…"

They spent the morning riding out across the fields and one windy hilly trail before reaching an overgrown field where a small herd of cows and a few heifers munched the grass in deep contentment.

Colton rode up after inspecting the fence...damn Charlie couldn't believe he was going to be out of town.

"We should get a lot of this done today."

So they rode up to the dilapidated fence and got to work under the rising sun. But Charlie couldn't get the gift out of her mind,

Damn this was a side of Colton she'd never seen before now. Not during their nights in the treehouse.

Charlie lay back after eating her lunch of a roast beef sandwich, a diet coke and some of Lois' nearly burnt chocolate cookies. Humidity soaked the air but they'd make it home before the clouds opened up..

"So what's this about a gift you got this morning?"

Charlie shrugged, though her skin suddenly tingled. She really needed to see him tonight,,,.

"Just from Colton before he leaves town… that's why he had to leave early because he has some business to do in town."

Lois took a swig from her thermos.

"It'll be done before you know it. And Trina is just trash but I don't think you have to worry about her…"

Charlie bristled. She hadn't wanted to be reminded.

"I'm not worried,. He hasn't given me any reason to worry. Besides he just gave me a gift this morning...surprised me."

"How so?"

"Nothing...he just has this whole other side to him I haven't seen. We're going to be together tonight before he heads out tomorrow."

Lois sat up.

"Sounds like a plan. At least looks like you're finally getting if I can find a way to seduce Brad."

Charlie had nothing to say about that. It seemed that Brad had his eyes elsewhere and it was on her but she wasn't interested.

She just wanted time with Colton and to put thoughts of Trina out of her mind.

"I'll keep myself busy while he's gone and just be happy when he comes back."

She smiled but her mind lurked in much darker places.

She unsaddled Clover in the barn and rubbed her down. Her horse picked up a stone on the way back but she deftly flicked it out with the pick.

Some movement behind her like a breeze. She knew who it was before she turned around to face him. "Brad I told you…"

He leaned against a post eying her up and down with an intensity that set her nerves on fire yet made her cringe because she remembered Colton.

"I know you did and I told you that Colton and Trina...they have a history and I just don't want to see you hurt."

She folded her arms.

"I don't believe you...just yesterday you wanted to get in my pants but I want Colton. I don't want you."

He tilted his face and damn she thought he was playing her but... an image flashed through her mind of him spreading her thighs and entering into her with one quick decisive thrust and her pussy sheathing him so tightly with pleasure that bordered on pain. he wasn't the man he wanted. Colton was who she wanted to be with

He invaded her space and she stepped backwards.

"What do you want?"

"I want to fuck you and I will fuck you because Colton...he will turn to Trina. She told me she wants him back. She'll parade in front of him to get him and she will get him and where will that leave you?"

She shook her head.

"You're lying to me. He would never betray me like that."

Brad took one decisive step towards her,

"He will...and you'll come to me and I will make you forget all about him,"

She shook her head. No,she would never do that. but the dampness between her legs right now at the thought of Brad taking her hard and fast.

He took one step closer.

"Just have to choose what our first time will be. You ride me while I tongue those sweet nipples I take you from behind hitting that sweet spot."

She felt repulsed by his voice which was like smooth leather and the promise in his eyes. Yet... she wanted it and she hated herself for that.


He stepped even closer..

"Colton won't be seeing you tonight, His excuse will be that his business will hold him over but he'll be with Trina."

"He wouldn't do that…"

His voice drawled betraying certainty,

"Oh yes he will. Just like he'll spend the next three nights with her in his bed…"

She closed her eyes at the thought but she couldn't doubt him. Collton wanted her.

"You find out. You will come to me and once you enter my cabin, you won't be leaving until you're thoroughly fucked…."

He took that final step and pinned her against the wall, She couldn't even look away. He stroked her face which warmed beneath his touch,

"You sweet thing…"

He pressed his body against hers hard and she couldn't push him off of her, Why didn't she want to?

God he was hard. She felt that against the part of her that suddenly wanted to be filled.

"Just a preview to what's coming…"

She felt him unsnap her jeans and slide his calloused fingers inside her pants caressing her panties.

"Brad I can't…"

He silenced her by sliding his fingers inside her panties and oh my god, she thought as he rubbed against her clit first casually and then with purpose. Her body twitched and she hit her head against the post. Her whole body tensed feeling ready to explode in shards of he was teasing her,

"Like that?:" as he played her body. Her wigging grew more frantic but she pressed her lips tight. Colton...Colton...Colton… Then her eyes widened suddenly.

He had slid first one finger inside of her and then two and was fucking her with them, sliding them over and over against her slick walls while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god,,,and then her body bucked against his muscled one. She moaned as she came against him. He chuckled.

"Damn so fast must be thirsty but I can fix that. Next time it's going to my cock…"

He pulled his fingers out of her and out of her pants and she buttoned them, feeling the flush on her face. Damn for a split second she wanted it but then...Colton was on his way back home and she'd just been been fingerfucked by another man.

"I can't do this…" She said gasping for breath.

He cajoled his fingers in his mouth so she could taste her own juices.

"Oh yes you will and you will and by the way I hope you enjoyed that gift you got this morning…"

Her eyes widened as he casually walked away from her.

Oh fuck!