At the dawn of this dimension a single soul was born. This soul was extremely powerful. It was made of pure cosmic energy and perfectly balanced. This soul created the worlds through which all souls travel. The mystic realm, where all things originated; the nether realm, where all things ended; the four living worlds, where all things traveled; the space realms, where all things imagine; and the blank realm, where all things are just so.

Then the first soul, we'll call it being, created the three types of souls meant to populate these worlds. The first he created was called deva. The second demon. The third human. He created one of each, who were meant to continue creating more.

Being only ever meant to create these three types of souls, but the energy run off from the process created a new soul. Created between the deva and the demon, this soul, the counter soul, was built backwards. Instead of being born in the mystic realm and dying in the nether, counter souls did the opposite.

Counter souls weren't part of the plan, but once created they couldn't be undone.

The first four souls that being created each had incredible gifts and abilities. The deva, Kami, could move energy better than being himself and possessed an ability to rationally think through any situation. She became the ruler of the mystic realm. The demon, Siren, though dark and quite insane, could defeat anyone in battle, and had extreme senses, both psychic and physical. He became the ruler of the nether realm. The counter, Core, could take the form of any of his three siblings down to the basic abilities they possessed. He became the ruler of the living worlds. The human, Fonai, had the ability to move blankness along with incredible premonition abilities. She became the ruler of the blank realm.

The first children of all four souls came in sets of three. They weren't quite as astounding as their parents were, but they still possessed down sized abilities similar to those of their parents. Kami choose to give her children no special rank. She treated them all the same. They had to earn her respect through actions they preformed while living. Siren was very attached to his first three children. He treated them like gods, offering all he could give, but expecting much in return. Core disregarded his children. He all but forgot them as soon as they were born. He choose to make them learn through experience and gave not a single one special treatment. Or any treatment at all. Fonai acknowledged the abilities of her first three, but she also realized they still need to prove their worth. She gave them the role of her guardians, there to protect her and learn from her as she did from them.

As the number of souls in the dimension grew, things started to move instead of keeping still. Souls stared to go beyond the mystic realm to the living realms to experience life, being re-incarnated over and over and slowly creating the world we know today.

But long before this world became what it is now, became sick of his creator. Being was unpredictable and his actions were causing commotion in Core's lands. He left the living worlds for a time and went to his father's space world. There he took his sword and sliced being's soul in two.

What Core had not understood was his father's purpose. Being's presence in the dimension had been the fore that kept everything in place, evil where evil should be and good where good should be. Without him there, things fell into complete chaos. Being first children were thrown from their homes into the living worlds, all memory of what they had been erased, all powers dormant. They became something like normal souls. But their power still lingered in their souls, just out of reach.

Unknown to them, just before being separation he had charged them with a task. To find and rejoin the two halves of his soul. For eons, they traveled through the worlds unable to do a thing, paths occasionally crossing and creating small extremes. But never had all four souls been in the same world at the same time. Never had they remembered enough to fix being. Never had their lives been close enough to even take a small step. Something was always missing. In one life Kami was no where. In another Fonai lacked her guardians. In another Core was more mental then normal. In another Siren became a girl. In another they died before anything could be done.

In another their powers started to return to them.

In another Fonai's were stolen. By the very people she trusted most. Her guardians.

But those lives are long over. Lerking memories, slowly returning to the four souls, who are suddenly all in the same world, in a safe place, free from harm, with almost full power gages and almost perfect opportunities.

Right now, they have a chance to fix everything.