A/N: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing these poems. It really means a lot to me as a writer to be able to connect with readers through them. This is the last one; enjoy!

What do I believe?

It's not in strange deities

or gods that I can't see.

Something broke that faith

before I knew what it meant—

before I could protest.

You, who all along

I had thought a distant friend

You were a part of me.

That exhausted voice,

begging for me to repent,

finally put to rest.

What matters is this—

I'm not the most important,

the smartest or the best.

But for that ideal,

that stranger love of strangers,

I'll give the best of me.

Whoever you call next,

I pray they find for themselves

their own life's faithful quest.

And as for my own,

I've found purpose from this world—

to love, and be set free.