A Lust for Blood

Chapter 6

I wake up next to Willow at lunchtime... I've had enough sleep. I look towards her, my eyes still adjusting... she has thrown the covers off of herself during the night. Her body is right next to me; I run my hand down her back impulsively. It feels strong but there is a distinct fragility about her. She is long and perfectly slender. I try to wipe my feelings away like an etch-a-sketch but nothing works. The chemistry between me and Willow is undeniable... I wonder if she feels the same. Never mind, I've got bigger things to worry about. I feel emptiness deep in my stomach; the thirst is back and worse than ever. I'm starving; I need to feed... now.

I get up off the bed and recklessly shove my clothes back on, tripping over my trousers in the process and I start to pace the lair, thinking. I have my day planned; I know just what to do... I have to go and kill my family, maybe then I can relax and move on with my life but while they still live I can never settle. It nags me constantly, something at the back of my head is telling me to wipe them out, it's telling me the world and I would be better off if they just disappeared. Naturally I agree with myself... I'm not going to argue with myself, I'm not crazy.

I think to myself after I have finished with my family I need to go back to my apartment one last time and pick up my gun. I had been planning on using it to blow my brains out not a few days ago but I think I can find a better use for it now... just in case my fangs decide not to kick in or something. I wonder if the chemist has a special Viagra just for vampires.

I pace the lair for ages, figuring things out... mostly thinking about how I should kill my family when Willow finally wakes up. I finally decide it would be easiest to consume them in the basement... The neighbours in the suburban street where I used to live are a bunch of nosey bastards.

"Good morning!" I shout in an attempt to make some small talk.

"Piss off! I haven't woken up yet" she yells at me, apparently she isn't an afternoon person.

I decide I should tell Willow what I'm going to do today... I figure it's better to get it off my chest.

"I'm going to murder my family today, want to come with? I ask, with a fake smile... even Willow looks startled at what I'd just told her.

"What's in it for...?" She trails off into a yawn before continuing, "Me?"

"I'll let you eat one of my kids... come on, I promise you'll have fun and besides, my kids are quite chubby so it'll be a good meal!" I persuade her as she starts to lick her lips. The thought of eating a fat kid obviously excites her as much as it excites me although perhaps not as much... They're my kids after all, not hers.

"Fine... just let me get dressed, 5 minutes."

"I'll be waiting outside!"

I head outside into the hollow, it's freezing outside but at least it isn't raining. Thick clouds are gathering up all over the grey sky so the lack of rain won't last for long. A few birds are flying around above me. A member of the flock swoops down and lands next to my feet and suddenly a light bulb is flashing above my head.

As quick as inhumanly possible I snatch the bird up and display it in front of myself... It's a crow. It stares at me with huge yellow eyes... I decide it doesn't have quite the same sympathy effect as a puppy would so I follow through with my plan.

I position my thumb and my middle finger at either side of its head and start to squeeze gently... Liquids start to pour out and suddenly the crow is headless, I make sure to grab the eyes, putting them into my pocket. I begin to tear off its two legs and then chuck the body away. I then grab the eyes from my pocket and pierce them with the top of the legs, using them as cocktail sticks and then Willow finally comes out.

"Look, I made breakfast!" I tell her, displaying one of my little cocktail eyes in front of her face... the expression that takes over her face is priceless. Willow looks delighted but equally as much disgusted... I decide she is more pleased than upset. I was right.

She thanks me, snatching one of the cocktail eyes from my hand and pushing it down her throat, when she pulls it back out the eye is gone. "Mmmmm," Willow makes a satisfied yummy noise just as I finish mine off. I make a similar sound and we both start laughing.

A more serious tone takes over me... "That's our starter sorted, now, on to the main course." And with that comment she nods agreeing and we start to head down the mountain but we don't run like yesterday, instead I decide to try something. We come to the edge of the mountain and in a flash; I grab Willow and jump off.

Willow screams loudly, deafening me as we freefall through the cold winter's air. The wind smacks our face as we fall at an incredible speed. Willow continues to scream and protest but I just hold her tightly telling her to be quiet. The ground below us both is a distant blur. Splat, we hit the foot of the mountain and explode into a million pieces. A few seconds later and I am standing in front of Willow again.

"Don't ever do that again, you bastard!" Anger flares up in Willow as she tells me off.

"Oh calm down... You can't say you've never thought of doing that! Well, I've had my fun so let's get going." And I run off towards the suburbs, where my wife and family live.

It takes us long enough; we travel through the whole town, passing humans. They don't see use but I'm sure they can feel us whizz by them. Some of the startled faces from old women as their shopping bags get stolen are priceless... Willow and I cannot help but laugh hysterically.

Willow just follows, I feel more confident than yesterday, and I'm in charge now... I feel strong but the thirst is still there. I imagine that when I feed again I'll be stronger than I ever have been.

We reach a perfectly symmetrical suburban street, like something out of a Tim Burton Movie. All of the houses look the same and everyone's lawn is completely perfect. That will soon change, after I deal with my family, their lawn will be stained red.

We walk casually down the street for a while until we reach my old house. I loved this house... shame it's going to be ruined within the hour. Willow and I walk straight up to the front door as If nothing is happening; we are just two friendly neighbours calling for a little chat. I ring the doorbell and my wife opens the door.

I'm on her within a second; she is on the living room floor bleeding from the massive blow I just delivered to her head. The fear in her eyes is perfect... she knows who is boss now. She tries to fight back but to no avail; it spurs me on and just makes her struggle more.

"Go get the fucking kids, they're probably up stairs." I demand Willow and it only makes me feel more powerful, more invulnerable... immortal even.

My wife screams in confusion, betrayal and agony as I continue to punch her rapidly in her frail face. I punch to a rhythm in my head. One, two... one, two... I deliver my punches so well, almost monotonously. I kick the living shit out of the struggling bitch just enough until she passes out, I make sure not to kill her, making sure just too seriously harm her instead. As I deliver the final blow to her destroyed face, Willow runs down stairs with two screaming kids over each one of her shoulders which is surprising because they are seriously overweight.

"Shut the little bastards up!" I shout... I'm in the moment... focused and loving every second of this torture I've come to deliver. Willow throws the kids to the wooden flower and kicks both of them hard enough in the stomach just to shut them up. I make my way to the kitchen and get some duct tape from a drawer, remembering where I used to keep it. Returning to the living room I duct tape our victims' mouths and instruct Willow to bring the kids to the basement, I follow behind with the wife.

We creep down the rickety old stairs to the basement; the noise of blood dripping on each step enters my ears, turning me on ever so slightly... I lick my lips. "So... are you hungry?" I ask Willow excitedly. I know I am, ever since I entered the house I've turned ravenous. Mad even. The blood dripping from them is filling me up; the smell similar to cinnamon... perfection is in the air.

Willow assures me she is very hungry and we dig in, ruthlessly, not letting up. We bite into everywhere we can... the tears of my kids act as a sweet sugar on one of their chubby little mutilated fingers. I think to myself the tears of children are better than ketchup any day. I take a trip to the kitchen and borrow some cocktail sticks, I'm sure they wouldn't mind, after all, they are dead.

I jab all of their eyes, pulling them out as putrid, yellow liquids start to pollute the basement floor. Willow and I eat from each other's hands... It's almost romantic. It is romantic.

We feast... enjoying everything. From the tongue straight down to the kidneys... it's all good and it's all gone. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. They are inside of us, part of us... We have consumed their lives. The sweet satisfaction drawn from eating a family is magnificent. I start to sing.

"I've got you under my skin" I sing and Willow follows me with "I've got you deep in the heart of me." We both finish the song together in perfect unison, paying tribute to the Frank Sinatra classic.

Hours pass and finally me and Willow are left lying on the hard, blood-stained floor staring into each other's eyes... smothered in blood and other obscenities. Something draws us to each other. Something inside both of us clicks as we gaze into each other's eyes. I crawl close to her until we are face to face. My lips touch hers, our tongues meet. Our evening quickly turns from a bloody feast into a night of bloody passion. The feeling of her hot breath against my naked, blood covered body gives me pleasure on whole new levels. Our sweat mixes, we connect with each other and I suddenly feel like I can never leave her. This is what love feels like. We make love for what seems like forever. I am in love with this woman. Willow will be the death of me. I am willing to die for this woman all of a sudden and I don't know why. Is vampire love the same as normal love? I'm sure it's not. I feel magically attached to Willow and I'll never be able to let go. This is exactly what I was trying to prevent... shit.

I dream of Willow as I'm passed out on the basement floor.

I awake a few hours later to the sound of the basement door flying open with a crash. Suddenly figures start to flood the basement and I'm shot. I jump to my feet, filled with rage and attack them, managing to decapitate one of the bastards before falling to the sin ridden floor with overwhelming drowsiness.

Willow will be the death of me... Just like she once promised.