I shouldn't be starting another story, but I needed to get this one out of my head so I didn't start blending it with Drop the Image and Run. Please check out the First actual first chapter, even if you didn't really like the prologue, as the story itself has a bit of a different style.


Sometimes there is a normal life, a mundane person, who has never felt great loss or great pain. Their life goes on each day with only normal worries such as school to plague their thoughts. No great goals to drive their lives. Sometimes that changes. Their life become changed forever; the reason not always known, but often comes from a touch from outside of their bubbles. This is what happens to some individuals who visit third world countries. They see and experience things that are amazing, but at the same time create such an inner feeling of sadness that from that experience their life is given a purpose. They begin living.

Beatrice is one of these unlucky individuals. With her life being so monotonous Beatrice took a love to books from a young age, trying to live through them. This of course never worked very well, but it helped fend off the boredom for a short amount of time. Her interests included all things dark and creepy as they gave her a sense of living that never entered her life beyond the books. Beatrice tried late night strolls, but they never did more than fill her with calm, although she continues to take them all the same.

Beatrice is also part of the individuals whose lives are forever changed by outside circumstances only involving themselves indirectly through non-specific circumstance. The only difference between Beatrice's circumstance and other humans is that her change comes from much further outside of her bubble than the average persons. This is strange because aside from her great love of the dark she was the embodiment of the word average, but the world does work in strange ways.


Thank you for reading the short prologue to my new story! The actual chapters will be around 4 pages, not half a page...It was inspired buy the song ET by Katy Perry (I don't normally like her music) so you can guess where this is going (it is not one of those stories that is just an excuse for written porn, so it is quite different than the song). It's going to be at least 10 chapters. This is not going to be updated overly often because I barely have time to update my main story (although I believe this to be written better), I just wanted to get the prologue out of my head, onto word, then onto this site to see if anyone is interested. Let me know what you think!