Hey it's wordsthisdeep. I know the ones of you that have actually followed this story faithfully are probably upset that I haven't updated as frequently as I said I would. I really do apologize. I'm not purposely ignoring this story. I actually value the time you take to read it. Right now I just have been suffering from the worst case of writers block. One minute I'll think it's over and that's when you get a wonderful new chapter. But as you see that hasn't been in a while and so therefore I'm asking for help. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd leave some ideas for where you'd like to see the story go and ideas for the next chapter. Maybe your ideas will inspire something great and we can come closer to finishing it together or something. Thanks in advance for the help. And once again I apologize for the wait and most importantly I apologize that this couldn't be a real update but hopefully one will come soon.