Marissa knew when she went into the backroom of the second hand store that she would just disappear. The store had appeared deserted when she had entered into it. The cashier, an elderly woman just perused her briefly before returning to reading her bodice ripper novel.

But she had been dying to check out the store especially its mysterious backroom which all the girls had been talking about since Lacey had come back with one hell of a story after shopping there for a dress for the winter formal. If she were to believe and often she wasn't, she had met up with some hunk of a guy who had appeared. He had kissed her against the twenties flappers dresses before being interrupted by the store cashier.

"He wasn't exactly gorgeous, but he looked…rugged when I saw him and man, he could sure kiss," Lacey raved in the dinner line before Sr. Cornelia came and hushed them up so they could hear their names called as a table became available. Marissa had just rolled her eyes when she first heard about Lacey's encounter with the incredible kissing hunk inside the old second hand store on the edge of the tree-lined Main Street. Maybe she had just imagined it, after all another girl, Theresa had fainted in that store, again in the back room but it had been blamed on the abrupt temperature fluctuation when a blast of heat had hit her after she had come in from the outside where it had been snowing.

Theresa hadn't raved about any mysterious kissing dude. But the students had grown restless after another pregnant girl had been packed up and sent home, this time Alice who remained mum on how she had gotten herself in that state. He parents just looked at the other students crossly before ordering the janitor from toting her belongs out to the rental car.

That was the last they'd seen of poor Alice like the other girls before her. The student population was shrinking slowly. Sr. Cornelia had told them at study hall last night that the school nurse would be ushering them into the auditorium for another sex education film. One no doubt focusing not on sex or educating about sex but rather on how to maintain one's chastity during this trying era in history. Marissa hadn't been surprised to hear about girls like Mallory getting knocked up, no doubt by their boyfriends but Alice, now that had been more of a shock. She hadn't even thought Alice liked guys but obviously she liked one guy very much. Still, it was strange because it's not like any of the school sluts had gotten knocked up suddenly.

She put the lurid stories about the store out of her mind and decided with the winter formal coming up and with Scott taking her, she needed to find a dress to wear. Scott and her were just friendly, there would be no furtive coupling in some dark corner of the locker room. She had just gotten tired of sitting out every social function and thought it might be fun to attend one.

But once that was decided she still needed a dress so she put on her winter coat after classes and walked the three blocks down the snow blanketed sidewalks to the store. She trudged through a couple of feet wondering if they'd just wait until it finally melted this time before clearing a path. Her heart pounded in her chest by the time she'd reached the store.

The old lady had just sniffed at her, and catching the cover of her book, Marissa thought about saying something smart but the woman cut her off with a sharp glance.

"Don't get lost back there," she said before returning to her reading.

Marissa just shook her head, her blond locks settling on her shoulders. God she must be desperate if she sat in a store filled with other people's junk and read romances all day. She just walked past the used toys section which bordered the used furniture and kitchen ware.

She had been told the stylish dresses were in the back room, the one that had the school up in a titter. The door was open and she walked inside it, the musty smell of the old clothes reaching her immediately, but her eyes widened when she saw dresses from different eras. The rolling twenties, the fashionable fifties and even some hippy attire, not to mention glittery outfits from some unidentified time period….she sorted through them, pulling them apart to get a look at different dresses. She pulled one out and pulled it against her body, thinking that might work.

She didn't know where the dressing room was; in fact she didn't see one. She shrugged putting it back and she kept looking. The room felt stifling warm and more than slightly stale, though a hint of perfume filled it. She kept walking along the rows of dresses and gazed at the ones hanging on displays on the walls.

Damn, the royal blue one hemmed with lace on the bottom, that'd look nice on her, she decided. She thought her curves would showcase it nicely…damn she really wished she could try it on. Maybe if she asked the lady in the other room, then again maybe not.

Suddenly, a chill knifed through the warmth of the room and she felt a breeze against her face. She looked around her suddenly, and saw some of the dresses moving at the far end of the room almost as if someone had moved through them.

"Who's there," she asked.

Damn silly, no one had been in this room when she had arrived and no one had come through the door after all. After all she hadn't heard any…


Wait, what did she just hear right now, the sound of someone walking in the room, the faded wooden floor creaking.

Then the door closing with a click, somewhere behind her.

That made her turn around suddenly, who had just come in the back room? She didn't see him at first because his body had been hidden in the racks of clothing that had been wedged so tightly together, the aisles between them were very narrow.

"You'd look very beautiful dressed in that," she heard a man say.

She spun around and she saw him standing there.


The man chuckled.

"Who's he?"

She frowned because in a way he had looked like the local high school boy she'd be taking to the winter formal but he looked older, a couple inches taller and stocky. The way he was dressed, in a black tank shirt and jeans, down to a pair of working boots. He looked like a construction man. Wait a minute, wasn't there a guy working on the chapel back on campus who looked kind of like him? Her mind worked quickly, the smile on his face, his shaggy brown hair and the way that shirt molded around his chest.

No, she hadn't seen this guy before, come to think about it.

"What are you here to buy?"

She sighed folding her arms.

"None of your business…"

He just smiled and nodded his head slightly.

"Okay so you must be another one of those prep students going to that dance next weekend."

Her mouth dropped, how did he…

"I know a lot of things about girls like you…and how you wait in breathless anticipation for these dances...and not to dance but because when a girl brings a guy to a dance she's got something else in mind."

Her face flushed, but she turned it slightly so he wouldn't know but he chuckled anyway.

"The guys definitely don't bring a girl to a formal to dance but to bide their time until they can take her someplace alone so they can fuck."

Her mouth really dropped open this time and her face turned beet red. Who was this guy and what the hell nerve did he have talking to her like this, he didn't even know her from…

"How's Alice doing," he asked casually, "I haven't seen her around in a while."

"She's…oh never mind…now if you excuse me, I've got to pick out a dress."

He leaned against some wall, his body lined like something familiar even though his face…

"That blue number looks really nice…but I'd rather see you in this."

He picked up a hanger where draped on it was a two piece lingerie set, in soft peach, and were those things hanging down garters?

She just shook her head, thinking she'd gotten stuck in the backroom with a dirty old man.

"I'm not that old, older than you but definitely not dirty," he said, approaching her, "I just know what I want and what you want too."

Marissa just stared at him, standing there looking so confident, comfortable in his own skin. She didn't know what it was about him that unnerved her so.

"What you want isn't to dress up in a gown to do a couple rounds on the dance floor," he said, "What you want is to wear this…doing a couple rounds in someone's bed afterward."

She just shook her head indignantly.

"That's not what I want at all and who are you to tell me what I want," she said, "Who are you anyway?"

"You'll know me better in a few moments than you knew Scott."

She just sighed and turned around to leave.

"The door is locked and only I can open it."

She opened her mouth to protest that he couldn't do that, he had to let her leave if she wanted, otherwise it was kidnapping. But nothing came out, because she didn't really know if she wanted to leave. She looked at the peach lingerie and imagined herself

wearing it, with sheer stockings and a nice pair of heels. She imagined a man's hands tracing the lace of her teddy, smoothing it over her breasts, her waist, as he claimed her lips with his own, tempting her into reciprocation. She'd stroke his mouth with her own tongue, slipping it in between his lips.

She shook that fantasy out of her head and returned to reality, and the man in front of her that had just told her she couldn't leave the room.

"Wait a minute, you can't do that…"

He smiled, his eyes lighting up in a way that drew the moisture out of her mouth. She needed a glass of water.

"That's not what you were thinking Marissa…"

"Wait how you do you know who I am?"

He chuckled as he walked even closer to her.

"I always know the name of the people I'm going to fuck, don't you?"

She just sputtered, and stepped backward away from him, what the hell was going on here? He didn't seem fazed by her behavior. He rubbed one of his arms with his other hands, watching her carefully. Damn he looked so relaxed, while she was…

"About to climb the walls Marissa," he said, "Careful someone might think you're a cat in heat."

"I'm not…"

"Oh yes you are...," he said, the timbre of his voice like a growl.

"No…no….I'm just here to buy a dress, really."


That single word slipped through his lips like a whisper.


"You were thinking of how much you'd like to be wearing that peach number and what it would feel like to have a man's hands all over…rubbing the lacy fabric against some of your more sensitive places…like your breasts…your waist…and some place a little lower."

Now she swallowed dryness, the parchness reaching her throat. How in the hell…could he like read her mind?

"I'd like to what you'd look like in it too."

Again words failed her, so she just looked at him standing there, his muscular build honed to move quickly. But she had no intention of wearing that outfit, it was odd that he found it here because as far as she knew, this store didn't sell any because who'd want to buy used lingerie anyway?

Where had he gotten it from, she didn't even know if this prissy town even had a shop that sold those kind of under things.

"I brought it just for you…"

She couldn't take her eyes off of him then, because he stood between her and the door, and then she thought back to what had happened to Lacey in the backroom of this store, had this been the mysterious kissing hunk?

Looking at him now, she guessed so. That made her relax a bit because Lacey had said he hadn't hurt her, he had just kissed her nearly to unconsciousness.

"Lacey, she got a bit shy with me…but you're not her."

"No I'm not…but if you think…"

"Waste of time for either of us to think…"

And that's when he stepped forward to where his body brushed against hers, and then she caught a whiff of anise and wintergreen, nearly swooning even before his mouth brushed against hers. His lips, touched down softly at first, like a whisper and she thought about pulling away from him, but then the sensations that raced through her as he increased the pressure oh so slowly against her pursed lips. She felt lightheaded, but in an airy way almost as if she had started floating but she remained grounded because he had rested his hands on her hips to steady her, while he really got down to the business of tasting her, and teasing her lips.

A breath caught in her throat, as he separated her lips with his own, the moisture of his mouth slipping in between, the flavor intoxicating. She'd been kissed before but somehow it had been much different, not so earthy. She felt the tension of his muscles building and she shifted her own position as his hands slipped up her back.

He should stop, really and she needed to push him away and get on out of there, rap on the door until the lady up front could hear her. He couldn't just do this to her…she told herself even as her breasts tingled when they brushed against his chest, the fabric layered in between them no match. She felt him push her against the cushion of racked dresses behind her, and it provided enough support for him to continue kissing her, tenderly one moment, wanton the next.

Her mouth opened to accept his tongue when he stroked her lips trying to part them, insistently.

It tangled with her own tongue, and she tried to taste it. He removed his hands and moved them towards her thighs, parting them before sliding in between them. She stopped kissing him.

"What…what are you doing?"

He stroked her face tenderly, his eyes penetrating her.

"I want to have you…and you're not leaving until I do."

She just looked at him, startled, while he deftly slid her jumper up her thighs to just below her waist. His fingers brushing the skin of her inner thighs, while not lingering there made her inhale sharply. Her pussy felt a slow tingling sensation that began when his hands touched her thighs and she felt giddy, even though she should be indignant at him for his words.

He removed his own shirt, not waiting for her to respond…she looked at his wide span of a chest, the muscles twitching, and its sprigs of hair were darker than the hair on his head and maybe the same color as…

Her skin flushed, and heat raced through her at the thought.

"You want to touch me…go ahead…put your hands on me."

She reminded herself of all the reasons why this was crazy, why she shouldn't do as he asked, but her fingers trembled a bit as they reached out towards his chest, she touched it tentatively. The roughness of his skin, the softness of the hair, round coppery nipples, her lips wanted to kiss…the tapering of his chest to some serious toned abs and…her imagination started to wander beyond that. He grabbed her hands and held them to his chest while he kissed her, licking her mouth and its corners with his heated tongue…which felt delicious…leaving her breathing hard.

Her pussy began to feel wet as he left her hands alone and wove his hands her jumper and grabbed her waist, as he thrust his tongue inside her mouth again, scouring inside until she burned. Oh god, she wanted more than that from him, more than the caresses of his hands, his mouth…

"You want to feel my cock inside of you, don't you?"

Now she pushed him away from her, but her thighs wouldn't release him.

"Why do you want me…you don't even know me."

He chuckled, the rumbling deep in his chest.

"Because you're beautiful and because there's nothing I love more than being snugly wrapped inside of a tight warm pussy…having my cock milked until that one stroke too far…and the feel of a woman's climax…her pleasure…"

Oh he had her sold because she had stopped breathing before he said too much. She wanted him; something inside her drew her to him in a way she didn't want to resist. He stroked her face softly kissing her again, like she were nectar to be sipped and she moaned against him.

When he tugged at her panties and pulled them off of her thighs, they fell past her ankles, her feet and on the floor. She simply leaned back, drunk from his kisses while he stroked her bare thighs, awaiting that moment…she arched her back when he touched her pussy, she knew his fingers would be slickened.

He smiled at her.

"You're so ready for me…"

She didn't do anything just listened to her breathing, which seemed to roar inside her head. Biting her lip to keep from crying out, while he stroked her pussy, in ways that made her mew, almost like a kitten. She felt the pleasure swirl where he touched and she just rode it. Even when she had touched herself to find pleasure, it had never been like his hands….she twitched and he placed his other hand on her hip to steady her.

The heat coiled up inside her, and she begged for release, not with words but when her muscles tensed and she panted, as he quickened the tempo, gradually as she tried not to squirm beneath him and then he just stopped…

Her eyes fluttered and she wanted to cry out…she had been so close to the most incredible climax…her muscles had grown rigid, her hands trying to grab onto him…where was he? Then she heard what sounded like a zipper being pulled down and then he returned, and he raised her up so quickly with his hands, what, what was he doing, was he helping her to her feet before he took her some place to finish?

She felt him lower her but, when she first felt the hardness of crushed velvet and steel brush against her pussy, she thought…but then her pussy wrapped itself around his erection as he lowered her on him. Her eyes widened, her breath came quickly, as she felt the pulsation of heat, pushing its way into her. She tensed suddenly.

"Shhh…wrap yourself around me…"

She placed her hands on him, and she found the position awkward, her muscles stretched and she felt vulnerable as she tried to hold onto him with her legs. How the hell was she going to do this and would hell be waiting for her? After all, she hadn't walked into the secondhand store thinking about getting laid with some good looking stranger with a silver-edged tongue. Their bodies remained wedged together in some strange yet stimulating way as he moved towards the dress rack.

She felt her back against the dresses again, the angle…delightful shivers started moving through her and as he held onto her, he bucked his ass, driving deeper inside of her, pushing her back. God, she felt him penetrating further, further…and her pussy quaked as he stretched it even wider, every time he flexed his hips. She sighed against him, and the rack creaked as he kept pushing her against it, thrusting in and out of her.

Then she remembered something…

"Oh god…we forgot something…"

He flexed his hips again, driving even deeper inside of her, as her pussy hugged him, the friction causing the tension to shatter into hundreds of shards of pleasure with each stroke.

"We have everything we need," he grunted.

"Oh…no…we…don't…you're not covered…"

He signed as he continued his movement.

"I can't get you pregnant…anything to worry about…just hold onto something…"

She grabbed onto him and he pushed closer, causing her thighs to open further as he thrust, his slick chest dampening her jumper, as it pressed against her…the dresses behind her kept her from sinking backward.

"Oh god….."

Her pussy convulsed suddenly and she nearly screamed as she felt the ripples of her body grab his erection, as it sliced through, pushing her further, further until she had to let go and…she screamed then…and he covered her mouth with her own.

"Wouldn't want to give the old lady a heart attack…"

No…but at this point, she felt so damn good she didn't care…as she pulled him closer, tighter while he thrust, her nerves burned until he shuddered and she felt liquid scorch her insides, spurting…causing her to moan each time.

She clung to him as he remained lodged inside of her, for a long while. She thought he'd leave her but he pressed her against the dresses, kissing her on the mouth, lapping up the sweat from her neck, causing her skin to tingle.

She felt a shadow pass through the room though she didn't know from where and suddenly a knock on the door. She blinked and she was alone, lying against the racks with her jumper riding up her thighs…and where were her panties? Her skin flushed, her heart pounded…where had he gone?

Had he been here at all?

"Are you okay in there honey," the old lady asked, "I'm closing up early today and you'll have to leave."

Marissa straightened herself up looking for those damn panties…where were they…no where she could see.

"I'm…I'm just fine…I was just checking out the dresses."

The door opened and the woman walked in still holding her battered novel.

"Well, there's been some wild tales told about this room by some of the locals," the woman sighed, "All lies…bored idle minds at work…well if you're all right…"

The woman started to leave and Marissa almost said something but knew the woman would just believe she was crazy.

And she might be right, she thought as she picked up the blue dress to take to the counter and as started to follow the old lady up to the front, she picked up the peach lingerie still on its hanger as well.

Maybe, just maybe she could teach Scott a few new tricks.