We had hoped to get some homework done

sitting there in the computer lab

on the lunch break between classes,

but it definitely didn't happen.

Conversing with an attractive classmate of the opposite sex

is not a very good study strategy.

You mentioned that some people found you flirtatious,

and I pretended not to agree.

Then you dropped some not-so-subtle hints

that you wanted me to date a mutual friend.

I really wanted to do the right thing,

but I let you talk me out of breaking the poor girl's heart.

Meanwhile, I've been exchanging emails with a guy--

more personal than we've ever actually been in person--

about a girl who we both like,

and all the reasons we're both not dating her,

even though we want to.

I'm playing games and running in circles,

just trying to get through it all.

I had hoped to be beyond all this by now,

but I guess you're never too old for high school drama.