Sometimes I wish

that I could just turn off my mind

and think about nothing at all for a while

or at least something of no importance

instead of all the homework I have to do this week

and how I'm going to make ends meet this month

and all the girls I've liked

and the many reasons why its never worked out

and how hard it is not to act upon

my every selfish whim

and the deeper, philosophical meaning

of everything I take in

and the inner thoughts and motives

of everyone around me

and all the evidence for and against

everything I've ever believed

and all the reasons God and I

aren't as close as we once were

and everything I need to do to be a better person

and all my insecurities

and how I hide them from the world

and which literary character they remind me of most.

I've heard that some guys can do that,

but apparently I'm not one of them.