Do you ever have one of those days--

or maybe even two or three of those days--

when everything you try to do

to get ahead or just get by

crumbles down all around you

and sits in a pile of rubble at your feet?

When you plan for everything

the best you know how

and one forgotten thing ruins it all?

When you're trying to be a good, responsible guy

and you end up coming off as a slacker and a jerk?

When you struggle to forgive yourself for all the mistakes

that you know are really only human?

Did you ever have someone

with every right to be mad at you

treat you with kindness

and tell you it's all okay?

Did you ever know an understanding that looks past flaws,

or a love that covers a multitude of sins?

Have you ever felt grateful and unworthy and relieved

when you realized that grace abounds?