Maybe you continuously seek my attention

by asking me to hang out with you,

or requesting help on all your homework assignments,

or gushing wide-eyed and smile-faced

about how much you missed me while I was gone,

and how we should both read the parts of lovers

because you would make an excellent wife.

But I'm not looking for the kind of girl

who throws herself at a guy for attention

or drops hints at every corner

in such a way that screaming them

would be more subtle.

I want someone strong and confident

who conducts herself with reason and restraint,

who could live without me rescuing her

but won't refuse me when I do anyway.

Please don't hand me yourself on a silver platter.

I need a chase, a battle, a quest,

something to work for and someone to fight for,

a rewarding relationship

that will be worth it in the end.