I walked into a room full of people wearing masks--

moreso than usual, I mean.

I had another mask on

over the one that I always wear,

but this one was more like my true face--

a war between light and darkness

with tears of blood spilled in battle.

I covered myself with a black cloak

to more easily hide who I am.

My common, moral senses

abandoned their defenses

and slowly let my darker side give in.

I flirted with some women

and treated others rudely.

I envied and lusted

and struck terror into hearts,

reveling in the power

and mystery of it all.

I drifted to and fro

like a spectre or a phantom,

doing what I pleased

until the music of the night was over.

When it was, when I was alone,

I took off my outer mask,

leaving only my inner one,

and my true face beneath it,

where light and darkness continued to fight,

and neither one was satisfied.