Shimmering stars and a silver sliver covered the night sky, casting a glow on the land below. A castle in the east stood just; her borders heavily guarded. Inside each of the tall towers in every corner were guards. They were laughing at each other and telling stories. The kingdom seemed at peace, the sky was completely cloudless and many people were at rest. Those up at these hours were either the partying rich or the scavenging peasants.

This human kingdom, advancing in technology, was very powerful – but with power comes a price. Outside the kingdom walls there lived another world, one where war was at its prime. Those who survived a war were traumatized by what they experienced and those who died continue watching from above.

In a world filled with hostility, death is the only escape and fear is not an option. Survival means giving up those things most valuable to you. Your heart must be impenetrable and as strong as steel – and you must be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for your nation.

This, my dear readers, is where our story begins – in a place where war is the answer and death is the penalty for making the wrong move.

Man will stop at nothing to finish what has already begun…