Note: This is word for word the way I wrote it as a child, including with mispellings and grammar. I was in third grade at the time.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, Lucy. She was about 13. She has a big sister, Savannah. Savannah was 17. She had spring-green, large, eyes and long moon-colord hair swept up in a bun, trimmed with neat spick-and-span blond bangs. Lucy had big dark black eyes trimmed with long eyelashes. She had long, messy black hair tied in careless braids. Even though Savannah was the prettier of the two, and Lucy had impaint, demanding, ways, (she'd stamp her little foot and toss her messy, black, braids impaitintly) Lucy was favored. 2

Savanna hated her family. So she killed her father, for marrying her mother. She poured poisonus gas on him, killing him. Then she murdered her mother for having Lucy. She stuffed her in the stove and cut off her hand. (Savannah practiced the dark arts.) Then she murdered Lucy. She pushed her down the stairs. Lucy got scared and died. (Lucy had a bad heart. She could die just from being scared.) 3

Savannah lived unhappily, killing and breaking everyones heart. She married a man and had two daughters, Anna, who looks exactly like Savannah did when she was 11, and Lucille, who looks exactly like Lucy had when she was 6. It was too much for Savannah. Lucille and Anna turned into lucy and Savannah in her mind. 4

She murdered Lucille, cutting her head off. (Lucille didn't have a bad heart.) She poured posionus gas on her husband. She turned on the stove and climbed in. She cut her hand off. She carried on her family curse, letting Savannah live. (Really Anna.)5

the end

Author notes:I found this recently... I wrote it when I was in the third grade, complete with gory illustrations. I even remember sharing it with the class... this was before Columbine, otherwise I probably would have been kicked out of school or sent to a doctor. I believe I "borrowed" the basic plot or characters from a Fear Street book but I came up with the "genius ending" all on my own. Hilarious...