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Warning-Violence, Non-con and strong language. I don't condone violence, non-consensual sex or violence against women. This is all fictional

This one is based off a dream I had

It was on a hot summer afternoon that Tara first met Entin and Una. She had been working a long shift at Joey's Burgers. A place known for its grease it was in the top ten greasiest restaurant chains in the entire world. It was eighty degrees outside and at least ninety-seven degrees inside with the grills going.

Tara had five hours left on her eight-hour shift but with the air conditioner broke it could have been five years until she got off. It had been a slow day so far and Tara spent the last few hours cleaning and refilling all the dispensers. She had just finished refilling all the ketchup packets when some strange costumers walked in.

She quickly wiped the sweat from her brow turning to look at the door as it opened. Tara remembered being surprised at the couple she saw. They looked like they were fresh out of a beach fashion magazine.

The woman walked in wearing a pink tank top and black short shorts with strappy sandals that weaved up her ankles. She looked like a super model on a runway full of confidence as she stepped in, a slight smile on her lips. Her black sunglasses hid her blue eyes. Her long blonde hair was put up in a high ponytail.

Her handsome boyfriend followed shortly after her. He had on a tight fitting white tank top with a black over shirt. The sleeves were rolled back to his elbows. His black hair was neatly trimmed and styled. He wore sandals and sunglasses just like his girlfriend.

They looked like they were headed out for a day at the beach. Tara would have loved to go to the beach but the nearest one was not for hours. They laughed a bit to each other as they walked over to the counter. Tara put the box of Ketchup refills under the condiments counter and locked it with a key. She did not think they would actually stay to order as she slowly walked over.

There normal costumers were usually women with a hundred screaming kids and men in stained shirts. The dirt-cheap burgers tasted like cigars. The fries were just grease and old potato skins. The buns were thin like paper towels and the soda was mostly carbonation with a hint of flavor.

They had mold on the walls and fly's on the counters. Sometimes Tara was surprised they were not shut down, but the health inspector was a regular costumer. He never wanted to see how things were made just that Joey's Burgers stay open for business.

Tara fixed her yellow baseball work hat that she had on back words. Turning it to the front, a strand of her blond hair came down over her face. She pulled it behind her ear making it to the counter.

For a brief second she looked at the man as she rounded the counter. His head seemed to move as she did following her. He smiled when she looked at him and for a second she thought that maybe he was checking her out. Then she came to her senses looking down at her grey and yellow stripped baggy, greasy work shirt and her purple pants. Oh, what a catch she must look like. There was no way he was giving her a second thought not when he had Miss Glamour as a girlfriend,

Tara pushed the hopeful thought that a person like that would ever look twice at a girl like her to the back of her mind. She looked down at the console. The keys were all but faded out and the screen could be hard to see going dull. She cupped one of her arms over it so she could get a better look.

"Can… I take your order," she asked timidly.

Tara was not a huge fan of running the front end… but she was not good at any of the other jobs. In the first week her boss had run her though everything to see where she'd fit. In preparation she could not remember how to wrap the burgers right or what order the food was suppose to be put together. On clean up she spent too much time actually cleaning the dishes and dared to ask for dish soap.

On cooking, she would read the actual ingredients and methods for cooking. She also did not use enough grease. Every time he yelled at her for not being happy with her work, she would bow her head and apologize repeatedly. After a week, he found out, she was good at being yelled at and taking orders.

Therefore, they put her up front to deal with costumers. Whenever someone yelled at her for a messed up order she apologized. If they wanted something I certain way she would make sure they got it their way. Sometimes it could be hard when people threw they are food at her. One woman even spit on her when she found out they were out of ranch sauce.

She always tried to please people, the best she could even if she did hate her job. Whenever things got to bad, she would remind herself of what her boss had said. Sometimes he would remind everyone who worked there just how lucky they were. He would say that there were a thousand other people ready to step up and do what they did.

Tara's boss Ike was family, married to one of her cousins. Tara had had a hard time finding a job before he gave her this one. She was high school drop out living with her parents with no hope for college and few skills. Her only true goal was to get her own place so she did not have to hear her parents say why don't you have a boyfriend every day.

Tara smiled the best she could holding that goal in her mind and hoped these costumers would not be a problem. The woman chewed some pink bubble gum and blew a bubble. She looked up at the screen sighing and for several minute she stared not seeing anything she wanted.

As Tara waited for her to pick something, she glanced over at the guy. He looked at his girlfriend tapping his foot. He too seemed to want her to hurry up and order. Finally, the woman sighed rolling her eyes. She ordered bottled water.

Tara pushed the button and smiled knowing how they came by the bottled water. You think it would be the safest thing in the place, but they used recycled water bottled…Tara herself had almost not believed it. In tiny print on the label, it said collected from recycled man made lakes, then in even tinier writing caution may cause skin irritation…

The man looked at the menu, stretched a bit, and then smiled charmingly. "What do you suggest?"

Tara bit her lower lip and looked at the menu behind her. "Uh…the baskets are good…you can get combos and stuff… so like a whole meal for one price…you get your drink…you get your burger…and like a side…some…even come with desserts…."

The man stared at her the whole time she spoke and she tried not to blush. When she finished he tilted his head looking at the basket menus and his girlfriend rolled her eyes, "Your not actually gonna eat any of this cheap shit are you,"

The man brushed his girlfriends elbow for a second and she shut up at once. Tara thought it was a bit strange but then the man smiled at her with an amazing smile. He said, "I'll have two number threes and a number six"

"Okay," said Tara. She typed it in, "What to drink and for a dollar more would u like to extra large,"

The man laughed at this for some reason and the woman shook her head, "Bet I could get the whole menu for 10 dollars."

"Yes," said the man taking off his glasses "I'll double up,"

Tara pushed the button and looked up into his eyes. She was surprised at how blue they were. He put away his glasses and took out his wallet. He paid Tara in cash and she gave him his change. She grabbed their drinks before she went into the back to tell them the order.

The screen in the back room had been broken for the last two months so even though she rung it upfront they did not know what it was until she told them. The radio was on set to the horse races and the announcer yelled high over the sizzle of the grill.

Her shift manager Steve had a real bad gambling problem and often tried to place bets even at work. He stood over the grill trying to listen hard to the race. He was balding and big man. He had a big round beer belly and always had a cigar in the side of his mouth.

"Two number threes and a number six out front,"

"Shh shhh…my horse is in second…," said Steve.

"Did you get the order…asked Tara

"Yeah yeah two number sevens and a five," said Steve.

Tara rolled her eyes and turned to walk away. She heard the door open and several more customers came in. Over the next hour, things got really busy with back-to-back orders Tara had to skip her break. When it got slow again Tara went to go take her break. Steve lost his sixth horse race for the day and cussed out angrily. He saw Tara sitting in the back office and yelled for her to fill the ice machines

Tara groaned but grabbed the big blue bucket in the hallway. Its bottom was nearly made of masking tap sealing off all the cracks. Tara grabbed the scooper and started to fill the bucket. A few of the ice cubes had dead flies in the center of them. She wondered how that happened and picked them out.

On her way up front, some of the masking tape on the bucket ripped causing the rest of the bottom to go. Ice fell out everywhere sliding over the floor. A few pieces slid over to Steve bare foot. He did not like wearing shoes when he cooked. He got mad as the ice touched his big toe, "DAMIT Tara…don't waist the ice everywhere clean this shit up,"

"Yes sir," said Tara. She quickly grabbed a broom and dustpan. She worked hard to clean it all up and just as she put the last of it in the sink to melt. She felt someone's eyes son her as she cleaned and turned to see the man from earlier standing in the doorway. He leaned up against the frame looking only to her.

How long had he been there watching her Tara wondered. She tried to fix her hair in a dirty pan and realized it was probably a little late for that. She Tara dusted her self off and put the broom and dustpan away. He chewed some green gum and blew a bubble not taking his eyes off her.

Tara turned to him not used to so much attention. His bubbled popped and he smiled at her. Tara wondered why he was still here over an hour later.

Slowly she went over to him, "Did you…. want to order something else,"

"Yes…," he said with a sly smile, "You're out of toilet paper in the men's bathroom,"

"Oh…sorry" said Tara.

She quickly ran to get some more tissue grabbing a few rolls from the storage room and could not believe they were already out. The first thing Tara had done when she started shift was put six rolls in the bathroom. She hated being stuck in a public restroom without toilet paper.

She came out and walked down the small hallway to the bathrooms. The man leaned up against the hallway wall waiting for her to pass. She entered into the bathroom turning on the lights. She put two rolls on the chipped wooden shelf and one on the empty rack.

When she glanced at the toilet, she saw it was overflowing with toilet paper. She flushed the toilet several times and it backed up. Water started to overflow from it and she had to use the plunger when she fixed it she looked to see the man walk into the room. He looked at her shutting and locking the door.

Tara stood up all the way putting the plunger down and wondered what he was up to. He slowly stepped up to her with a grin on his face. The way he grinned made Tara have chills. She bit her lower lip and itched her nose as he walked over.

Only inches away from her, he looked into her eyes and she looked into his. They were so intense as his hand move forward. He brushed a strand of her blonde hair out of her face and then he leaned in. Slow enough so that if Tara wanted she could move away. She did not want to move as he came in to her. His lips gently touched hers in a soft gentle perfect kiss.

He pulled back and Tara stared at him shocked. She blinked several times. Had the hot super model customer really kissed her in the men's room? Tara slowly pinched herself and it was obvious she was pinching herself. The man watched her and chuckled to himself before saying…

"No…this isn't a dream….

Tara blushed feeling silly. She looked down at his feet not knowing what to do. The man reached forward and grabbed her chin. He lifted it up so she looked at him. He smiled and then kissed her again. This time it was hard and passionate. It blew Tara off her work shoes and she nearly fell.

The man caught her and pulled her into him. She looked him in the eyes her heart racing a million miles a minute. She had never been kissed like that. Her lips tingled and she wondered when he would turn and walk away. She did not think she would ever forget this moment.

Without moving his eyes from her, he flicked her hat off. It was so fast she barely saw his hand move as her hat fell to the floor. She smiled at him and he smiled at her. In a rushed mix of adrenaline and hormones, Tara let the man kiss her neck and tug off her work shirt.

She could not believe this was happening. He was so hot. She had never felt so excited or spontaneous. For a second she actually considered doing this… Something different…. Tara was not a risk taker, but the way he looked at her, the way he wanted her. She had not had a date in over a year. Her friends always told her it was because she never put herself out there. That she never took any risks… There was no way her friends were going to believe this. She stood before him in her white braw with little red strawberries all of them.

Tara knew she should put her shirt back on get her hat and leave the rest room. That she could be caught and fired but she did nothing. Against her better judgment, she held her breath waiting to see what would happen next. What he would do to her if she did not stop him? He did not take his eyes of her as he pulled his own shirt off. Tara breathed out heavily as she saw his six-pack. She wanted to squeal like teen at her first boy band concert.

He moved slowly forward grabbing her waist. He pulled at her pants unbuttoning them with such skill Tara wondered if he had done this before. She let herself touch his six-pack chest tracing the muscle lines. She still could not believe this was not a dream and oh, what a great dream this would have been…

She looked around the bathroom and for the first time she wondered just how people did it in bathrooms. The floor was way too dirty she should know. The mangers never let her mop saving on soap. "I've never done this before…" Tara said nervously.

He stopped and looked at her a bit surprised. Tara giggled a bit realizing he must have thought she was a virgin.

"I mean I've done this before I've just never it…well in… a bathroom…"

The man chuckled "You are so cute…."

"Thank you…I guess," said Tara feeling a bit shy.

He leaned up close to her ear and said, "There's a first time for everything…just follow my lead…"

Tara stepped out of her shoes and then her pants as he dropped his own pants and briefs. She found herself lingering on what had been underneath them. He was not a modest man…by any means…he was perfect in length and width. He even trimmed his public hair. He caught her off guard being uncircumcised…It was the first time she had ever seen one like that…

The man watched her curiosity as she studied him and then he ordered…"Get on your knees and suck me,"

Tara was taken back by his change. He looked at her playfully smiling, "On your knees bitch,"

Tara found herself dropping down to her knees. She rested herself on the cool tile floor. She looked up at him and his member that was now right by her mouth it looked even bigger. She could see the veins pulsing and a small birthmark below his belly button.

Tara looked up at him and did not know how to start. It had been years since she had done one. She was afraid she would not be any good at it. The man grabbing Tara by the hair, pulling her face to his penis before she could react. He pressed the tip of his penis against her closed lips and then again. She opened her mouth the third time taking him inside her.

She wrapped her warm lips around him almost gagging as he tried to fill her. It touched the back of her throat tickling her. He pulled out and then in again and she adjusted her mouth moving with him licking her tongue on the under side of his shaft. He tasted salty and a bit sweet. His abs tightened as he strained from the pleaser, "That's it… yeah… that's a good girl...

She smiled happy with his praise… It was silly but in the past when she had tried, her boyfriend had gotten frustrated with her. More confident she pushed him back so she could suck the top of his head licked her tongue against it. She heard him moan and groan with pleasure and she was so happy looking up at him.

She started to play with his balls and he stopped her pulling Tara off him. She looked up at him concerned wondering if she had done something wrong and he pulled her up from under her arms so she stood. Snapping her braw off he nearly ripped her matching underwear.

She could not move out of them fast enough for him. He grabbed her wrist hard and turned her around pushing her breasts and face into the wall. He got up behind her close, putting himself at her opening and she breathed deeply in anticipation. For several second nothing happened. She held her herself waiting for it then when she relaxed letting her guard down he drove into her. It was so quick she moaned out in shock.

She had not realized how wet she had been. It just slid right into her. It was almost too much filling her up completely. Tara moaned and the man groaned with his own pleasure. For a full minute, he just let himself bask in her warmth. She clenched down on his member and he slowly rocked his hips and hers with him.

In ecstasy, Tara bounced against him grinding and twisting her hips…The sound their bodies made echoed in the small bathroom. He grunted out in pleasure and she smiled. For a brief moment, she felt powerful. She felt sexy than super model, as if she was on top of the world. She glowed with confidence and he pushed into her harder.

She liked it rough and moaned in pleasure as he held her harder…. Slowly he leaned in with each fuck till he was behind her ear, he whisper, "Yeah… you like my dick don't you, you little slut,"

His dirty words only seemed to drive her. No one had ever talked to her like that.
She moaned and he groaned holding the back of her neck he said, "Don't you,"

"Yes….she let out between moans and he took his hand digging them into her breasts. He squeezed them tightly and then pulled her hips in and she moaned so loud he had to cover her lips so no one would hear.

He sped up his pace and she cam so hard it caused her legs to shake. Minutes later, he unloaded in her. The two panted heavily with sweat twisted together in a moment of pure satisfaction on both their parts. The glory passed as he finished empting into her. He pulled out and slapped her ass hard, "Thanks for the toilet paper."

Tara looked at him. He acted as if he was just happy; she had refilled the bathroom's toilet paper. Like they had not just had amazing sex. He quickly dressed zipping up his pants and putting on his shirt. Tara looked for her clothes still in shock of what had just taken place. She wondered if she should say anything. If one was, suppose to say anything in this situation.

Before she could think any, further he opened the door without a word and left. Tara was still half-naked when her high from the sex started to wear off. She looked in the mirror seeing scratches on her breast and hips. She had hickies on her neck and nearly panicked hoping her uniform collar would cover them. She quickly finished dressing and put her hair up grabbing her hat.

As fast as it had happened, it was over. Tara could feel his sperm dripping out of her as she opened the bathroom door. It was all that was left of the man she would probably never see again. There was no one in the hallway and everything was quiet as she walked back.

She rubbed her arm thinking she did not even know him. Panic came over her as she realized they did not use a condom. She could get a disease what if he had herpes… herpes would suck…or aids…She felt ashamed she couldn't believe she'd just had sex in the public restroom. …of Joey's Burger nonetheless…with a complete stranger. Really, what had gotten into her?

Then she he remembered his soft lips and his exotic eyes as she ran her fingers across her lips. She wished she had a picture of him. She tried not to get down on herself thinking she took a risk she had put herself out there. The reward had been all she could have ever hoped for…the best orgasm she had had in years… One day she would look back on this and it would be something adventurous. Everyone has to do something daring sometime in there life.

Tara looked in the front and there were no customers. Sighing with relief she hoped her manager would not notice she had been gone. Part of her hoped he did though wanting more proof that it had been real. He manager did not seem care where she had been asking her where the ice was. He yelled for her to hurry it up already.

"I was getting toilet paper for the bathrooms," Tara had trying to explain.

"Great," said Steve with his cigar in his mouth, "Now get some more damn ice and make sure the counter is manned. He cooked several burgers and the ash from his smoke fell into them.

Tara nodded her head a bit-disappointed things went back to normal. Her big adventure was over. Back to reality, she fixed the bucket with more masking tape hoping they could someday buy duck tap or even a new bucket. She ran and got more ice working hard she filled both machines before another costumer came in.

She realized it was her lunchtime and after she got the front end, she would be taking a break. Part of her wished she had enough time to go home and shower. She smelt like sex…and burger grease, which was not a good combination.

Tara walked out to the front staring down at her sweaty shirt and did not look up until she was at the register. When she looked up, she was shocked to see two people dressed in black. They had ski masks on. The only reason for black sweaters, pants and ski masks in the summer would be a robbery.

Tara dropped her mouth as panic swept over her. She looked around again hoping someone else was around… It was a slow period no one was in the store except her manager Steve on the grill and Denny a high school kid who worked the fryer and the drive-through.

The masked man lifted his gun and put it right between Tara's eyes. Everything flashed before her eyes her entire life to this moment of possible ending. She swallowed hard. How could this be happening? Fifteen minutes ago, she was being fucked in the men's room. Now she was being held up at the register. She sniffled ready to cry.

The man spoke calmly to her. "Don't cry now… breathe in deeply… take things one step at a time…now take a step back from your register. Put your hands up and keep your mouth shut… everything will be all right…"
Nothing was going to be all right the man had a gun to her head. How was everything ever going to be all right again. Tara sniffled and did as the man asked down to a T. The other robber was female and yelled, "EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING BACK COME UP HERE NOW,"

She held her gun tightly and Steve was angry having no idea what was going on, "I got four orders on the grill and a sure win on the next race…don't be shouting at me missy,"

When he saw the situations and the guns, he dropped his cigar out of his mouth. His hands went into the air dropping his spatula. It bounced on the floor making as loud sound as his big greasy belly stuck out. His hairy armpits showed with grease all over them. The girl robber looked at Steve and then to her partner in crime. She said," And this is why I said not to eat here,"

Tara looked at her for a second recognizing her voice from somewhere. Her mind raced trying to think where she knew that voice. Then flashes of the woman in the pink tank top filled her mind. She had ordered bottled water too good for the food.

She turned her heard slowly as the rest of her mind clicked. Realization came to her as she looked at the male robber. His ice blue eyes glanced back at her. She realized it was him. The same man she had just done it with in the men's room was robbing them. Her stomach leapt and she felt sick. Please let this be a nightmare…

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