Chapter 15
5 months later….

Tara washed the dishes slowly making sure to get every last bit of grim off them. She used to hate doing the dishes when she was a teenager. Her parents would often punisher her by making her load the dish washer. It all seemed so silly now. As she stared at every plate bowl and cup she enjoyed the quietness. The simplicity of the act and the time it took from her day.

As she slowly dried them and put them in their place she remembered to be gentle. Una didn't like scratched dishes…and if she broke one Entin would break her… She made sure to stack them all in order from high to low until the cabinet looked perfect. Then she wiped away all the left over water on the counters and put the rags in the wash. The whole process took an hour to do the dishes right.

When she was finished she slowly made her way out to the kitchen with a glass of water and some vitamins for Una. She was painting her nails as she watched the TV. She was four months pregnant with Entin's baby. Tara was to get her whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. The last few months it had only been getting worse as the bump started to show on Una's perfect waist.

She looked at Tara and opened her mouth. Without words Tara knew to put the vitamin in her mouth and bring the glass to her lips. Una drank the water and swallowed her pill before she sighed. "Change the channel,"

Tara put down the glass of water on Una's five hundred dollar stand using a marble coaster. She picked up the remote and started to change the channel on the big flat screen TV Entin had installed on the wall months earlier.

Una watched as each channel was clicked. She would stare for a few second and then say, "Again"

Tara changed the channel over a hundred times until it landed on celebrity court. A woman with blonde hair and loads of makeup was yelling at the judge that her last dog trainer had failed to train her Tutu to be a star dog "Oh I like this….rub my feet,"

Tara nodded and set down the remote. She went and got some lotion and a bucket she slowly scrubbed and washed Una's feet. After which she slowly dried and rubbed lotion into each part of her foot. When Una was satisfied she had her paint her nails to match her hands. When the nails were set to dry Tara got up going into the laundry room. She switched loads in the expensive machines…

Afterwards she slowly folded each item the way Andy had shown her. Then she took the basket of clothes and slowly climbed the stairs. She had her blonde hair up in a bun with white pace around it. She wore a short maids outfit and with stalking with a black garter belt. One she was upstairs she put the clothes away in the various rooms. While she worked she head the door open downstairs. Una screamed out, "Did you get the right color,"

Tara sighed knowing Entin and Andy were home from the store. She worked to finish putting things away while they talked with Una downstairs.

"Yes dear I got the right color…had to go to two stores," said Entin carrying the cans of paint in. "I also got the fabric for the curtains and everything else on our stupid list…"

Andy walked in putting all of the bags on the table. Una quickly got to her feet to look in the bags. Her toes stuck up just in case they weren't dry. She looked at each item and glared at Entin, "Don't you talk to me like that I'm your wife…and soon to be mother of your child…"

"Yes…" said Entin rolling his eyes "And I'm your husband who spent all day running around with his best friend getting you stupid shit we wont need for another five months"

"It's not just my shit it's our shit for the baby," said Una upset. She crossed hr arm. "Do you want our baby to be born in a crappie half finished nursery?"

It was constant everyday Una ranted about her unborn baby needing this or that. Tara could barely take it as she clenching the laundry she didn't realize it for several minutes….

She let it go from her grasp and held herself tightly…She knew if it was wrinkled Entin would beat her….Quickly she smoothed out one of his shirts and put it away. Finishing she set the laundry basket down and went into her room.

The house had dozens of rooms. The biggest was the master bedroom that was Entin and Una's it had a big queen size bed and a large bathroom. The room next to it had been modified to be half a walk in closet and half Tara's room. The only door leading in and out was through the master bedroom. Tara got onto the small twin sized bed and looked out the window.

It had several bars on it. Inside the room she had a small bookshelf filled with things Tara was aloud to have when she was good. She had been very good lately so she had several books and DVD's along with a portable DVD player. She sat down on the bed…slowly she heard him climbing the stairs he whistled dropping the paint cans in the baby's room.

He came into the master bedroom and undid his shirt slowly putting it in the hamper. When he was just in a white tank top and slacks he slid out of his fancy shoes and opened the door to her room.

She looked at him briefly as he turned on the lights he smiled at her. Tara turned to face him on the bed she pulled her legs up on the bed and spread them. She forced herself to smile though her eyes were dead. She lifted up her maids' skirt.

He slowly shut the door walking over to her. He dropped his pants and pulled out his dick. Tara waited from him to drop down and enter her. She held still as he grinded into her… Staring at the wall behind him…Her mind filled with thoughts of the past…how she had come to be here…why he had wanted her…

He had told her one night after they had moved there…When she had been alone with him in the dark of night. He had rested his head on her chest and said… that she was the only person he ever though himself capable of loving…

She had asked him about Una but he said she was simply for show… She had all the right things…The body the looks the skills but…she was his dream girl…He said he knew it the moment he saw her cross the street that day he and Una had robbed Joey's burgers.

He said Tara was like the sun that as she crossed the street she glowed back it him… All she could think was what it must have been a reflection sun falling off her name badge or hair pins… He kissed her softly and said…it was more than that…it was fate…

Tara wondered how Una would feel if she knew this…knew what he was thinking… Since Una had gotten pregnant Entin was only having sex with Tara… He claimed it was because of the way he liked to have sex. That he didn't want to risk hurting the baby… Una had been disappointed but said nothing.

Entin pulled out and flipped Tara roughly on her stomach pulling her out of her thoughts. He pulled her up to meet him smashing her face into the bed. Tara never fought back…not anymore…not since that day at Matt's. She did everything they asked…because she felt she deserved it….She didn't even cry anymore….

She didn't deserve to pity herself not when she had ruined so many lives… what she deserved was to be punished and hurt…for being so selfish…

Entin picked up the pace as she heard herself wheezing from lack of air. It would be over soon. He held tight her hips and jerked moaning a bit as he came. Tara kept her body still as she felt him twitching inside her after his release.

He pulled himself out and cleaned off on the bottom of her skirt as she laid still. She was grateful he hadn't broken a bone in the last two months…or maybe she had learned to work around him. Entin slapped her ass, "Get up and put the stuff down stairs away make sure to recycle the shopping bags.

Tara nodded and got up from the bed. As she walked down stairs more memories of the past few months played across her mind. Entin surprise had been a to start a new life…He had wanted to settle down buy a big house and start a family. It hadn't been his original goal but he knew that he and Una couldn't go on robbing forever.

The money he had been saving went to the purchase of a lovely house in the country almost an hour from the nearest city or town. They had slowly made their way to the house after the attack at Matt's house.

That first night they had stopped in a hotel. Una had gotten another doctor for Tara who needed surgery. Unlike previous doctors they didn't take him at gun point but instead threw wads of money at him. Tara stayed in a hospital for nearly a week a few hours from the city Matt lived in.

Each day she thought of breaking free and calling for help but the horrors of what went on in the apartment haunted Tara. She thought of Lee all cut up…Shay screaming Bobby's face covered in blood and dear Matt laying broken on the floor with a gunshot… She would close her eyes and vow never to run away again…never to cause trouble…

After she left the hospital Tara got into a black van that was tricked out. It was long like a limo and had a TV inside. As Entin buckled Tara in he had told her that it was not stolen but bought. He had kissed her on the head and said they would never need steal again…

On the way to the house Entin surprised Una with a diamond ring. They had stopped to look at a water fall and Andy took out a camera. When Una wondered what they were doing and had the camera go on she literally screamed as Entin got down on one knee. He smiled at her and said he could not see his new life without her. That she had stuck by his side through thick and thin and deserved all he could give to her.

They got married a few cities away in a small chapel. Tara sat in a wheel chair watching as they exchanged vows. Andy took pictures just smiling as his two best friends getting married. Tara wondered if he liked Una so much how could he let her be with Entin… than again it was all Una really wanted… to be with Entin so in letting her marry him Andy was allowing her to be happy.

They went on their honey moon after that driving from place to place. Entin vowed not to fuck Tara until Una was pregnant. After a week in a fancy resort under false names Entin finally took them to the house. Andy showed them around and Entin carried Una over the door way. They were so happy.

Over the next few weeks Entin and Andy modified the house to fit their needs. Entin turned the room next to the bedroom into a closet and Tara's room. She would sleep their when Una didn't want to share the bed. A few days into the new month Una woke everyone up before the sun screaming that she was pregnant.

Entin was so happy he carried her around the whole house. A few hours after that Una sat down and started to make her list of everything she needed while Entin smoked a cigar with Andy. Tara had been afraid then that he would come into her room but he didn't. Not until she had healed. Two months into Una's pregnancy Entin had taken Tara down into the basement.

Tara had never been down there. As Entin shut the door and turned on the light she saw all sorts of devices. There were chains and whips and cameras…. Tara fell down then as he came up behind her and said her real punishment would be for leaving him. Tara didn't leave the basement for a week. When she finally was brought up stairs she was so grateful to see the light of day.

Entin had a doctor he paid to keep his mouth shut and come to the house to check on Una and Tara when he got too carried away. Several times the doctor had asked how she broke a rib or dislocated an arm.

Entin would remind him of his wallet and the doctor would keep his mouth shut stitching her up. As time when on Entin didn't beat her as much settling down. He got on a new medication that made him mellower.

As summer came Andy would barbeque and Entin would read books. Tara would be allowed outside but Entin bought her a shock collar. He shocked her once to show her what not to do and it hurt so bad she'd fallen down.

At night she would sit in her bed and watch the sun go down and think of life and how things were. She figured she would die in this house…maybe one day Entin would get too angry go too far…or maybe she would live out her life…to be an old woman staring out this barred window….Tara had another option…but she tried her best not to go there…


They say every one has their day…for Tara it was a Tuesday. She woke that morning having spent more than six months waking to the same routine. She would slowly get dressed in her uniform and make her bed. Then she would go into the master bedroom and make Entin and Una's bed cleaning up any trash.

Downstairs Andy was making Una's breakfast whatever she felt like eating that morning. Since her pregnancy she had become rather picky with food and would change her mind sometimes two or three times before deciding on one of Andy's special omelets. Entin was in the bathroom shaving and Tara used the toilet.

Before she left the bathroom she gave Entin a blow job just the way he liked it. Afterwards she would swallow and go down stairs to see what Una wanted if anything before she would get started on her list of chores.

That morning Andy and Entin planned to paint the nursery. For hours they laid down plastic sheets and tapped off the walls. Tara heard them laughing and the radio blaring as she did the morning dishes. As Tara put away the last dry dish she looked out the kitchen window and saw it was sunny out. Una sat on the couch in the living room watching her soap opera.

It was past ten and Tara slowly opened all the curtains to let the light in the house. As she opened the living room curtains she paused. For a second in the distance she though she saw a man… It was a strange thing since they were out in the country and had no neighbors. Tara looked closer and saw another man running behind the shed in the distance…

Her eyes widened as she looked around closer. She saw another man closer in a bullet proof vest he ran up to Entin's car gun in hand he crouched down and Tara pulled her hand up to her mouth…

Una looked up from a commercial seeing Tara stand with her hand at her mouth and gave Tara a look wondering what she was doing. Tara didn't know what was going on. She stepped back from the window not quiet sure what she should do. "What are you doing over there….get back to work…or I'll call Entin to beat your ass…

Tara looked at her and smiled a bit she nodded and turned around walking past the couch without a word. Whatever was going on she wasn't going to warn them… As Tara reached the kitchen the front door was kicked open and then the back door. It all happened so fast dozens of men with guns and vests ran in.

Tara put her hands up and got on the floor as a man yelled for her to get down… Tara hit the hard would floor as a man came up behind her and cuffed her. It was all in slow motion. A slow building excitement built within her. It was like winning the lottery to Tara… Slowly building in her chest as it became more real and she thought she would burst.

Una screamed out high pitched and distraught her voice carrying upstairs. Andy and Entin rushed down to see what was going on. When they saw the men with guns all at once they turned to them and Entin and Andy put their hands up realizing they were outnumbered.

Una looked at the officers pointing guns at her and said, "Don't point that at me I'm pregnant"

Tara cuffed was lifted off the floor as Entin and Andy were slammed hard into the wall. Guns pointed at their heads Tara saw Entin's face angry as one of the men yelled at him to keep his hands up and face the wall. She was smug thinking how does it feel to be held at gun point asshole.

Andy groaned as they cuffed him and Entin just looked annoyed. At first Una refused to get up from the couch and then a female officer came over to her and yanked her up. Una screamed as she was cuffed, "Did you not fucking hear me you stupid bitch…I'm pregnant…don't fucking touch me and get these cuffs off…ENTIN"

Una looked at him…She was scared and didn't want anyone to see. She tried to act like this was nothing. All her dreams had come true there was no way these people were in her house and that Entin was caught… They started to pull everyone out of the house and Entin yelled "NOBODY SAY ANYTHING UNTIL WE SEE OUR LAWYER…"

Entin looked at Tara for a second as he said the last part but Tara was far to gone. The hope of the situation exploded into pure happiness. She was smiling tears in her eyes she was so happy. She didn't think she would ever be happier than she was at this point.

As they pulled her out into the sunshine it hit her face and she wasn't afraid…no matter what happened from this point on…Entin would never touch her again…even if she spent years in jail she didn't care… She was gonna say everything to anyone who would listen to her…She was going to scream it until her lungs gave she would gladly tell the truth… if it meant Entin, Una and Andy would go to jail…
One Tara came down the stairs she saw there was like twenty or thirty officers their. Back by the police cars that were pulling up she saw a crowd and someone was trying to push through it. An officer said "YOU HAVE TO WAIT…GET BACK"

The sun was so bright Tara could barely see who was pushing to get through. When she finally did she knew it had to be a dream. Because she'd had this dream so many times before…the one where a man came for her…even though they had known each other two days…even though she had ruined his life…even though the chances of ever seeing each other again were one in a billion. He kept his word in wanting to help her and never gave up…

Entin screamed and fought against his cuffs as Matt pushed past the officers. The police officer in charge Paul Maynin waved his men off… Letting him get through. Paul had been on this case for a long time…he had kept trying to pin it all together the crimes…the motives… Why the cameras were all faulty in the places they hit random…it looked like the case would never be solved and four months back Matt Fields had entered into the case.

The first time he'd seen the man he looked sleep deprived and frustrated saying he had information saying. That he had possible leads. No one was quiet sure where to put him. He had been bumped around and around until Paul. He didn't hold much hope in Matt. His story was something of a mystery.

He started from his beginning speaking of a woman…how he had found her in a fountain at the local park that she was connected to the bank robbery. He also said she was connected to a beach shooting. Paul was able to look through and once he found out the beach shooting was connect to the robbery. He connected the unidentified victim as Tara Anria 1717 N Avenue Pepper St Dingum, North Pantino. That she had worked at Joey's burgers…and was kidnapped and held hostage…

From there things just started to open up. Pau; was able to track the routes they had taken from Matt saying Tara had told him about hotels locations. When he was in the hospital with her he had written it all down over and over trying to remember every last detail of what she had said.

Not only that but he had his phone records of Tara's messaging machine they were able to get the prime suspect a man who called himself Entin's voice from their they were able to track that he had called the phone company

A young woman had heard him under another name of Phillip…They tracked the cell phone and not only that but all the information on it. GPS emails. Other names used at hotels. They were able to track him from the old hotels he and where his assistant had gone to.

The break came when they were able to trace stolen car back to a city where a bank were robbed and a teller went missing.

From there they had found the tellers true name. Tracy Peskamore aka Una…Not only that but they were able to trace down the deposit box the bank robber had used. From there they got his true identity Craig Marshall.

Craig had worked for a security firm. The firm worked with banks and franchises. Such as fast food convince chains and several older banks. They had detailed security files. Telling the systems each place had and what they would have on hand throughout the year.

From the security company they were able to explain why none of the camera's worked. The security place had found several things could interfere with the camera and if a person had a few devices it would cause the camera's to fog up or completely blur. Mr. Marshall had made several of his own devices based of the research of failed systems.

From there they were able to track down his past tracing him through his best friend Andy Ramaz. Ramaz went to trades school and had his whereabouts were unknown until he bought real-estate in the country.

From there weeks of surveillance showed that Marshall and his partners were living in the house. Matt fields called almost every day asking for information he volunteered any time he had and over the course of the past few month. Office Paul formed a friendship with him and his friends who had also been victimize by Mr. Marshalls rampage…

He could not have broken the case without Mr. Fields help. On the day they were going to get him they notified Matt and his friends…Matt rushed down wanting to be with Tara when they brought her in. Several of his friends wanted to see justice.

Paul smiled as Matt reached Tara grabbed her lifting her up he held her so tight spinning her around and around as Entin glared on. Matt even kissed her went he set her down. He didn't mean to he was just so happy to see her again. Tara didn't seem to mind smiling back at him. He brushed the hair from her face thinking had almost given up hope that he would ever see her again. That maybe she had been a dream even as his wounds healed.

His friends had gone through hell recovering from what had happened. Lee would be scarred for life and Shay had to be hospitalized for recovery and countless hours of trauma sessions. Bobby had to have several surgeries. Matt lost his job trying to find Tara and he almost lost his friend friends and him. They had all become distant over the past fire months upset with what had happened.

Several of them had blamed Tara. Rick and Matt had gotten into a fist fight when he suggested that Tara had played them because how else could they have found his place.…
For weeks Matt didn't talk to anyone he sat in his apartment and looked through everything trying to find something that could help him but they didn't leave anything behind. The one day the mail came almost a month later and Matt got his phone bill.

When he saw it he saw all the numbers that had been dialed finding Tara's message service. He realized someone could trace the numbers that checked the message box… That they would be able to check the numbers Entin had called from. He hoped he hadn't called from a pay phone and when he went to the police they found it was from a cell phone.

From then on Matt held hope that any day they would find her and find Entin. He went on the news asking people to step up if they saw something. He met with Tara's brother and parents saying that he would help them.

Matt held Terra now in his arms. The cops gave him a second as they pulled the others by. Tara buried herself in Matt's arms as each walked by. Matt glared at them holding Tara tight they would never hurt her again.

Una walked by slowly like they were putting to much strain on her. She gave Matt a dirty look and Tara looked to see Shay walking up with Bobby right behind her. Una turned to look at Shay and rolled her eyes. Shat walked up to her and stared right at her and Una sighed. "What you looking at slut bag…"

Shay wanted to kill her but instead she slapped her. Una laughed it off, "Yeah that's all you can to me bitch…"

Then Shay punched Una and she fell back with a busted lip. Bobby held her back as they dragged Una on as she cried out that she was bleeding.

Entin struggled against his bonds as two officers carried him past Tara. She didn't want to look at him. He yelled out," THAT BITCH ASAULTED MY WIFE… ARREST HER

Most the police officers there new the whole story and had volunteered to come. Bobby held Shay back but she wasn't arrested. Entin looked at Tara and then Matt as he was dragged off, "THIS ISN'T OVER….

Matt glared right back at him, "YOU'RE RIGHT,"

Entin looked at him a bit confused but then Tara saw Rick running up fast he kicked Entin as hard as he could in the balls and Entin fell to his feet as Ricky punched him the officers pulled Ricky off and held him against the car.

Tara watched as Entin had to be dragged to the police car. Matt shook his head and held Tara tight. Shay held onto Bobby and looked at Tara for a second their eyes met and Shay nodded to Tara and Tara nodded back tears in her eyes.
Bobby saw Andy being dragged out and he let go of Shay to run at him the officers were expecting retaliation and it took three of them to hold him back. Andy spit at Bobby smiling and one of the officers slipped as did another on letting him go for a second Bobby broke Andy's nose…

Blood streamed down his face before Bobby was dragged away to by the officers.

Matt looked at officer Paul and he walked up saying "I warned them not to get violent…

"They have every right said Matt. If he didn't have to stay with Tara to make sure she was represented right he would have stabbed Entin. On the way down here Ricky had brought a gun and it had taken Bobby and Matt the whole trip to get him to hand it over.

He wanted to kill Entin but in doing so he wouldn't be there for Lee. Over and over Matt said…you have to decide what is more important growing old with Lee or letting this son of bitch have every last piece of you…

"I'll see what I can do… said Officer Paul..."We have to take her now but you can ride in the car.

Matt nodded and stayed at Tara's side. In the car she held her head on him and they uncuffed her. On the way over Matt explained she was cuffed for her own safely until they had everyone sorted out. That until she got a chance to tell her story no charges would be pressed and that she would be treated like a victim…

Tara rested her head on his chest and then he said… "Once you tell you're story they'll know you're a victim and they'll let you go…

Tara wasn't so sure when they got to the police station. Tara met her lawyer that Matt had gotten her. He explained they had the phone calls of the treats Entin had left for her. Photos from her earlier hospital visit and that the local doctor was now stepping forward after seeing the news…

That they would prove at no time had Tara willing been a participate to the crimes Entin and the others committed. The lawyer also said that Entin's real name was Craig….and that Una was really Tracy…

It was all so much to handle and then Matt pulled out a picture of her family. He told her that her dad was in a nursing home recovering from successful heart surgery. That her mother and brother were flying down as they spoke. That they wanted her to know they never gave looking for her.

Her lawyer then stepped in and said her employer joeys burgers wanted to settle an amount with Tara so that she wouldn't sew them for any negligence that may or may not have accrued. Tara sat there for what seemed like forever taking it all in and finally the door opened and Officer Paul stepped in he sat down at the table and had a recorder.

"When your ready Tara we can begin I just need your statement what happened in your own words. We can stop at any time if it gets to be too much. But the sooner we do this the better.

Tara nodded and her lawyer said if she had any questions ask her first and that she didn't have to say anything that incriminated herself.

Tara sighed with relief and hope as Officer Paul pushed the button on the recorder. She spoke strong and sturdy saying…

It was on a hot summer afternoon that I… first met Entin and Una.

The End…

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