I try my very, very best
to avoid looking or appearing
in front of you—this perfect, perfect human.
But I find myself looking your way.

I run, run, and run away.
But wherever I go,
an image of you would still
carry on living inside my head.

Every time I see you,
I would always walk away—
so that you won't see me
or get stressed out when you do.

But sometimes I know
that you are watching me as I run.
I do not know the reason,
but I hope it isn't something bad.

Because you're so elusive,
that I never figure you out.
And even though you never have
told me you didn't want to talk to me—

You were already implying so.
When people say your name,
my heart skips a beat and
hurts very, very much.

When I see people talking to you,
I would clench my fist—
how I wish I could talk to you.
But you didn't want to talk to me.

Not seeing you, not talking to you
and not thinking about you;
it kills me little by little
as the days have gone by.

I'm so sorry I couldn't
just get out of your life.
I still have to stay here for a while—
but I wish I can just run away.

I wish I could move to a place
far, far away from you.
But I can't do such a thing—
because you know…

I really do love you.