Sienna heard the voice of Sr. Cornelia calling her from somewhere on the grounds behind the dormitories. She sighed as she stood inside the garden shed where a mysterious man had lured her inside.

"Don't listen to her…"

The man standing behind her put a finger on her lips urging her not to speak, or to respond to the nun's call. She had spent half the Saturday afternoon serving her detention weeding the vegetable garden near the cottage, the weakened sunlight streaming on her back, barely warming her. Squatting on the damp earth, still smelling of last night's rain shower and manure, while picking off dead or dying sprouting off of a row of radishes and onions, she had cursed the entire time.

Cursed her inability to avoid getting caught sneaking out her window after curfew to head to some party by the river banks, and the nun who presided over her detention, wearing a smug smile as she had assigned Sienna her list of chores to complete by sundown when it would be time to head off to choir practice.

So now, Sr. Cornelia was out there somewhere calling for and the other students who had been working off their penalties. Time to go to chapel and repent on your knees until the dinner bell rang.

Sienna had joked to another fellow student just an hour ago, joking that she'd rather be on her knees doing something else. If she had only known…had her words caused what followed to come to pass?

But it hadn't started that way, in fact before now she hadn't seen the man currently in the tool shed with her during her entire life. A life which had been rather dull and mundane including when she had been sent off to this boarding school by her parents.

She'd survived to her senior year, just turned 18 without an appropriate party celebrating that and that had made her go just a tad bit rebellious to sneak out and find herself some fun.

Except Sr. Cornelia must have been on the same wavelength and caught her. Damn her timing or her mind reading abilities whatever…but then you couldn't damn a nun could you?

She had a feeling that she'd be damned in an entirely new way, since she let her curiosity get the better of her once again. Because weeding the school garden which spanned nearly a half acre was just so damn boring…grimy work especially when the earth was damp and her muscles…it only took an hour or so before they had started tightening and she knew from a prior stint in the garden, pain would follow.

So when this hunk of a guy offered to give her a massage if she followed him in the tool shed, she had only a moment of needing to even think about it. Now she was a smart girl with more than a lick of common sense, so she would never put herself in a situation where she'd get into trouble. She would never be one of those students sent home after some fool knocked them up. The nuns were on the verge of taking action to stem the epidemic which had seemingly seized the pristine campus.

One had mentioned taking it to a town council meeting, another to the public health department, a third to the diocese but Sr. Cornelia waved her hand saying that only hard physical labor would stop it. If the students were assigned more chores to do, heftier punishments for transgressions, then they'd be too busy and too tired to open up their legs for sin.

So Sienna had been shocked when her detention had been doubled and had muttered complaints as she weeded the garden, deliberately pulling out some healthy plants along with the weakened. If Sr. Cornelia called her on it, she'd just say that she got momentarily confused while trying to wrestle with the Devil who wanted her to sin like those other girls.

Because she knew it was the Devil who made them do it and she couldn't wait to find out for herself. The girls who had gotten pregnant hadn't said much about the guys who helped get them in that condition except for a couple who did mention that the sex was absolutely mind blowing and Sienna listened to that…and her pussy moistened just thinking about it. She closed her eyes at night imagining a handsome field minus of course any visible horns or forked tail sliding her nightgown up her legs and before she knew it or could behave in a proper fashion, he'd be thrusting that delicious erection inside her, burning a path through her as he moved against her. She screamed in her fantasies, which were some place where they generated a lot of heat.

But during the light of day she felt fear…because what would she do if she ran into a guy intent on screwing her for some nefarious purpose? Every man around her became suspect. Mr. Parker, the math instructor who had been the subject of a lot of girls' fantasies being the only male teacher and that construction crew working on the chapel. Hunks of men, shaped by working hard outdoors, wearing their sexy faded jeans and on hot days, no shirts…what if one of them weren't what he seemed?

Oh god, she hoped so…no wait this man could be very dangerous if he were preying on them even if he sizzled their senses.

Especially if he made it feel that damn good.

Gardening just made her mind wander to get her mind off the stinging flesh of her hands threatening blisters and her cramped leg muscles from squatting when the man had appeared out of nowhere and made his offer. He had short dark hair, almost as if he'd been a soldier somewhere and his muscles, she could tell he had slaved away somewhere. His shirt hung open a couple buttons and she could make out the whorls of darkened hair on what must be a drool-worthy chest. His legs resembled tree trunks inside his jeans. He leaned against a dying tree watching her.

"What do you want?"

He smiled at her bemusedly.

"If you knew, you'd run…away but then again, you look adventurous."

She sighed, pulling out another perfectly healthy growing onion. Take that Order of Perpetual Sinners.

"Yeah but if that's so, it got me on my knees weeding the garden."

He chuckled.

"Well, I'd love to see you on your knees doing other things."

She folded her arms.

"Funny…well I've got work to do and if Sr. Cornelia sees me talking to anyone, she'll double my punishment again."

"Sounds like a taskmaster."

She rolled her eyes.

"You have no idea…you see she's upset along with the other nuns because so many girls have gotten pregnant this year…it's been a lot but the ones who got knocked up were stupid."

"And you're not of course…well maybe they just wanted to get laid…nothing wrong with that, maybe you should try it some time."

She just looked at him, her eyes widening at his nerve.


"Oh come on Sienna…"


"I know everything about you including how much you like getting yourself off to take the edge off of those feeling churning inside of you right now."

She swallowed suddenly. Well, she liked to lay back in her bed, under the covers at night, and put her hand between her legs and rub herself until she came, biting her lip to keep from waking the other students. She would have liked to try out one of those…what were they called…massage tools but they didn't have a brand that was quiet enough to use in the dormitory of a religious institution that frowned on such self-pleasuring.

No, her fingers would have to be enough…but god, some nights and some mornings while she stood in the shower, leaning against the walls with her legs splayed as she touched herself…she knew she needed much more. But the stories of the other girls both scared her even as they titillated her. Her fantasies had just darkened where she saw herself in a chamber held fast against a stone wall, while a man like the one who stood in front of her licked her, with a wickedly thrusting tongue all over especially…where her fingers had been. Oh that would feel blissfully wonderful like heaven…even though she knew she'd only find such release in a place much closer to Hell.

When the priest showed up these days, red faced and his skin chapped, he warned in his sermons of the world of sin, his words laced with sexual overtones. Seriously to some like Sienna, his sermons left her hot and wanton, not duly chastised. She'd sit on the hard pew as he droned on, peppering his sermon with highly charged phrases that would raise his voice above a rasp. If a demon slipped in the seat next to her and pushed her down on the pew, wanting to take her, she'd…then her pussy would start tingling and she had to count the minutes until the offering collection.

Well now she was being duly punished for being so driven with want one night she had been climbing the window onto the second floor ledge to go out into the sleeping town and find what she needed. Weeding gardens wasn't making her repent from her thoughts, in fact more than once, she had imagined wrestling in the mud with someone who whispered into her ear begging her to sin. She'd grab onto his bare back with her fingernails breaking his skin as she awaited his penetration.

The man watched her intently from where he stood and if he knew what she'd been thinking…

"Okay…you're a good girl who beats herself up when she beats herself to feel pleasure…so why don't we do something else instead?"

She sighed.

"Why don't you leave…before Sr. Cornelia sees us together and busts me?"

"She's got her mind on heading to chapel right now praying for your salvation from a town descending in sin."

Sienna had to smile ruefully at that because the guy was probably right. Prayers so far had been wasted, because as it stood right now, chastity wasn't winning out.

"Would you like a massage instead?"

"A what…?"

She looked at him like he was crazy, but the idea intrigued her.

"Just a simple safe little massage to ease those aching muscles…inside the shed," he coaxed.

"Why…why not out here…if I were to allow you to do that of course."

"Because you don't want anyone to see right…"

His words sounded so smooth, silkily so and persuasive, she liked listening to it and her breasts tightened against her shirt, her panties dampened at the thought of his hands stroking any part of her even her sore muscles.

"No I don't…but I don't want to wind up like those other sorry ass girls either."

He smiled, his voice growing even smooth, in a way that soothed as it aroused.

"You do but you just don't want anyone to know that including yourself."

Her face flushed at his casual remarks, how could someone especially a stranger see so much inside of her, what she kept hidden from even her friends who were falling into even shorter supply these days.

"Come one, just a few minutes with me…rubbing those aching muscles and you'll feel like a brand new woman."

She chuckled.

"You sound like a sleazy ad on late night television."

He laughed louder.

"Oh no…those ads only promise, I deliver…now come on over and I'll make you feel better in a few minutes."

She bit her lip thinking about it, because she really didn't want to go to dinner feeling so tight…and a glimmer of excitement filled her…because she wanted to feel his hands on her in part because she shouldn't want that. So she got up and brushed the dirt off of her hands and her pants and walked over to where he stood. He smelled nice, like anise and spices from the cabinet in the kitchen where she had washed dishes several times a week for the other students and nuns.

He walked towards the shed, telling her the right things that she looked beautiful even grubby and her hair, shone like black silk even though she knew that wasn't true, because she had grabbed it, and wound it into a loose bun before heading to the garden.

Her lips were ripe for kissing…he tossed one out and she stopped…but he laughed and told her to cross the threshold of the shed so he could start her massage to make her feel like herself again.

She didn't know about that, she hadn't felt that way for a good while.

"So what do I do, take my clothes off?"

He shook his head bemused at her.

"No…I just might need to lift your shirt a bit…but first this…and just like that he moved in on her…like a part of her had secretly hoped he would…she wanted him to kiss her and when he did…wow…she thought as his mouth swept over hers like a gentle breeze, the flickers of something more primal consuming her just from that simple contact. He'd tantalize her mouth, promising delight then when she thought…he'd remove his mouth before returning with a slightly deeper kiss.

"What are you doing…," she asked in between before her voice left completely.

"Getting you ready…you seem tense from all that hard work in the garden…a girl like you shouldn't be working on the weekends…you should be…"

She shook her head.

"Don't tell me…I don't want to know…just work on my muscles."

He nodded and turned her around so she faced the dusty window covered with cobwebs so thick, it offered her only a sliver of which to view the outside world…the garden she had just left to come inside the shed with a handsome stranger who bore a silver tongue.

No doubt forked at that

She sighed as she felt his fingers work their magic focusing on her upper shoulders and back which felt as if the muscles had been stretched tight like guitar strings and if so, he knew how to pluck them. She sighed at such delicious torture…the buildup of his gentle rubbing that soon grew deeper into the tissues and like he promised, they relaxed as warmth filled them. His body would brush against her, his hard chest and his even harder pelvis, against her ass, which even cloaked in clothing could still feel him.

She'd swallow dryly because with each brush, each deliberate bump against her, he hardened even further. That had to be normal wasn't it, a guy and a girl alone and together in such close proximity. But her pussy twitched as it came to life and her panties well; they began to feel moist there. Not that he'd know, as it would be her own little secret.

She hitched her breath as she suddenly felt his fingers slip under her shirt, rubbing her skin.

"It's okay Sienna…the best massages are done on bare skin to really reach the trigger points."

Oh yeah…but her main trigger point wasn't getting any attention, she closed her eyes imagining him slipping his fingers into her jeans, first above and then inside her soaked panties….her rubbing made her hot but she knew if he did it, it would be scorching, sending flickers of intense heat through her body.

Now that'd be very naughty but very nice.

She had her fantasies after all, and they were harmless right? He rubbed her skin and she purred beneath his callused fingers, which strayed closer to her ticklish sides, and then she felt something unsnap.

Was that her bra he had just unhooked?

A nice little number that she had picked up at a boutique back home and had hidden inside the recesses of her closet so the nuns wouldn't find It during the weekly inspections. Powder blue silk, all trimmed in lacy edges. She felt it fall apart in front of her.

"That's my bra…"

He whispered soothingly.

"I know…it was in my way…let me continue…"

She did that and his stroking, it relaxed her even as her edge grew…the waves pressured her in places his fingers didn't touch. She closed her eyes feeling so relaxed…almost as if she could sleep pinned between his warm body and the hard ledge. She glanced through her portal and saw squirrels scampering near the garden…looking for food to nibble on. She probably should leave and go chase them off into the surrounding trees but somehow, nah, this felt too damn good right now.

While she dismissed that thought, she felt his hands on her naked breasts and that made her jump.

"Easy girl…it's all part of my massage…why should the most important parts of you be neglected?"

She sighed, thinking he had to know what he was talking about and besides, his fingers brushing against her globes of soft flesh, her rosy nipples that she couldn't do justice to with her own fervent touches. The waves of rapture that filled her just from his fondling of her nipples as she felt his warm breath on the back of her neck…and when he palmed both of her breasts nudging her closer to the window, she sighed, arching her body against his hands.

A pang hit her then because she knew now that his promise of only a massage had been a lie but then a part of her knew that when she followed him into the shed. An even larger part of her had wished that.

"What are you doing," she said breathlessly mostly because she felt it would be expected, lest she let on that she enjoyed it too much. His hands gently squeezed her breasts which overflowed slightly. He didn't answer at least not by speaking but she felt the flow of breath from him tickle her neck and suddenly, his lips brushed her nape, strolling to the sides…where she felt so sensitive. She felt his lips probing; testing the skin there and then she felt a grasp of teeth.

And a naked urge shot through her of just how much she wanted him to keep doing that. Nibbling her neck, tenderly and then with purpose while his fingers continued to nurse her breasts alive….they felt both tender and like the act of breathing across them would send ripples of powerful bliss through her so fast she couldn't stop it. She felt him brush her ass again with his hardness.

"Do you want me to stop Sienna?"

A double ended question if she heard one because she knew the massage was over and something else had begun…something she wanted or she would if it weren't so damn sinful.

She shook her head being contrary to what she had been taught, and she felt him nibbling her neck again, making her gasp and clutch the ledge in front of her, convulsively. Then his hands left her breasts, where had they gone….oh wait, she felt them moving to the front of her jeans…and then the button there came undone…she felt his fingers unzip them slowly…she knew she should protest but she just stood there, looking ahead of her.

He worked her jeans down her thighs, his fingers brushing her casually sending a chill through her hot flesh. The jeans dropped to her feet resting on top of her shoes and she stood there, bare except for her damn panties…which when he had lightly brushed them while removing her pants…he must have felt her arousal.

"Oh you are so beautiful Sienna….," he said while breathing in her ear and stroking her pussy, sheathed in silk, but she could feel each nuance in his touch, the way he circled her clitoris, warming it up before he began rubbing it, the fabric across it, the exquisite thrill that rushed through her, so fast she had to grab the ledge in front of her.

"You're so soft…so wet…you know what you want…"

"No…I thought…"

He bit her neck harder and she jumped.

"You knew what I wanted when you followed me inside her…admit it…stop lying to yourself because the nuns tell you how to think."

"I think for myself…that's why I was in the garden in the first place."

He chuckled against her, the vibrations of his laughter taunting the sensitive skin of her neck as he stroked her pussy through the silk. Damn, she knew she should tell him to stop doing that…no wait, if he did that, she'd be left wanting so much…he moved his fingers and cupped the globes of her ass, teasing the juncture between them and she sucked in her breath.

"You don't really want those panties covering you from me do you?"

His voice coaxed even as it lightly scolded her. She spread her legs a little further apart without even thinking. He slipped his jean clad thigh in between and rubbed it against…oh god…what was he doing to her? He fiddled with her bun and her ebony hair fell loosely around her shoulders, he wound it up in one hand and tugged on it gently bringing her head back slightly, the stinging only stirred her further. While he continued to rub between the juncture of her thighs with his own leg…as she gasped and clawed the ledge.

"You like that don't you…you wanted to be in here with me."

She sighed, not willing to contest the issue, not when he inched his hands away from her ass and beneath the elastic of her panties, pulling them down to join her pants at her ankles. The breeze that touched her pussy then nearly set her off and she bit her lip hard as his lips teased her neck again.

"What happens next....?"

He brushed her hair off of her shoulders so he could kiss her some more to soothe her anxieties about the most basic, the most natural drive in the world between a man and a woman.

"Ah Sienna, you know the answer to that already…this is the part where we do what comes naturally…which is to fuck."

She swallowed, her mouth definitely feeling dry. Was this how it had been for the other girls, had they been lured by a smooth talking stranger into a compromising position of no escape, at the point where they stopped looking for one?

The rasp of a zipper being lowered broke the silence inside the shed, it sounded louder than it should have, she thought as she stood there, her body quivering, her hands still gripping the ledge.

Then she heard a voice, the shrill voice of Sr. Cornelia calling her name….damn it must be time to head to the chapel for prayers, the final part of her detention. He whispered in her ear to not answer the nun back. That if she just stood there quietly, the nun would walk away and head to chapel. She just nodded, quickly, her skin prickling as his hands returned to her pussy, rubbing it in every way she wanted, not missing a single stroke. But she knew that at some point, his hands would leave and something else would replace them…even before he unzipped his pants.

She heard Sr. Cornelia's voice taking on its scolding tone as he brushed up against her, this time with a fully erect penis hitting her buttocks. She imagined its length, the thickness of it shaft, she imagined the mushroom shaped head shaded like a plum just before ripening would be probing the lips of her dampness. And she wondered how his penetration would feel…would it come hard and fast or inch by agonizing inch, stretching her out slowly to accommodate him…and she worried about that for a split second because the girls had come back with stories about how incredibly hung their lovers had been…imagining that kind of flesh filling her tightness made her feel nervous tension through her arousal…so…

But a split second was all she had been given because she felt his mouth on her neck, biting her…slickness met his first thrust she knew but when his engorged penis pushed inside of her, her pussy clamped down, the first sensation being a shard of pain…reverberating where she had hoped to feel pleasure…

"Oh god…."

He bit her harder, lapping behind one of her ears, in that delicious space and she relaxed, as he moved closer to her, she felt him separate her legs even more with his thigh and his hands pulling her back slightly…shifting the angle and then oh Jesus…the sharpness turned to intense pleasure….as he thrust in and out of her while her pussy gripped him tightly…but the slickness, the friction and she felt his mouth nibbling on her neck with each intense stroke. His hips bucked and shoved her further into to the ledge, bruising her tender skin. Not that she felt it because she just focused on the ecstasy of his actions.

Then she froze because out the window, she saw the black and white habit of Sr. Cornelia…her mind had been driven so fuzzy by the elation that filled her that she thought at first she had seen a penguin and almost laughed. But then he'd grabbed her breasts again through her shirt and arched her towards him, deepening his invasion, sliding in and out of her pussy which glistened, she knew.

Suddenly she felt as if she were falling, down some deep hole but she didn't care as he drove faster inside her, until he tore her open with such intensity, she nearly fainted against the ledge…followed by the warmth of his seed, smoking through her…as far as she could feel…shooting upward to her breasts where the fabric of her shirt rubbed them.

He collapsed against her as she saw Sr. Cornelia wander away again, just shaking her head.

"She can't see you but a part of her knows what you're doing…"

What…but she still heaved each breath in and out of her, spent by their exertion. Then she felt warm fluid flow out of her, dripping down her legs and she realized that she'd been seduced into more than just a passionate interlude inside a dusty shed. The sweet talking devil behind her had done to her what he had to the other girls before her.

And inside her soon enough, she'd feel something grow.