Once upon a time, in a land not much different from our own, there lived a young woman whose love for storms and rain frightened her friends and neighbors. Even in the greatest tornado, she was prone to running out, and letting the cool rain splash against her skin and soak her clothing.

The young woman was of a wealthy, blue-blooded family, but her family had all perished in the plague that ravaged her town when she was but a child. She was desperately lonely, and the anniversary of the plague saddened her immensely.

Every year, on the anniversary of the day the plague struck down her family, she made a pilgrimage through the town, wearing her finest clothes, to the place where her family was buried. And every year, it would rain, even in the deepest drought.

One year, on the young womans eighteenth birthday, it didnt just rain. A storm blew into the town, and the fields around the young womans house were too flooded for her to leave.

But somewhere amidst the lightning and thunder, as the young woman watched, a look of delight and joy crossed her face, and she ran out of the house before the servants could catch her.

Twirling, twirling, she danced in the rain, feeling the droplets strike her skin softly, cool and wet. She started to sing softly, under her breath, but it grew louder and louder as she competed with the thunder. Her servants watched in horror as the storm moved closer, putting the young woman in danger of being struck by lightning.

But the young woman seemed oblivious, and continued dancing. The servants shrugged it off, and continued in their duties. It was only when the storm passed that night, and the young woman didnt return to the home that they went looking for her.

The next morning, all that they could find was the trampled grass from where shed been dancing. There was no sign of her left, nor any clue as to where she could have gone. The search continued for days, weeks, months, but there was simply no trace of her.

One elderly servant of the household shrugged off the disappearance by telling the police that, she simply went to be with her family. She danced her way to Heaven on the winds of the storm, and wont be found anywhere on Earth.

It was such a strange case that the police took the old woman at her word, and the case went cold. A tombstone was placed on the family plot, next to the young womans mother, father, and siblings, and the world soon forgot the story of the young woman who danced on the winds and arcs of lightning to be with her family once more.