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"Jazzy? Are you awake pumpkin?"

I try to open my eyes again. This time I'm astonshied to feel them start to open. It is such a liberating feeling to start to gain my eyesight. I realize for the first time, that I'm alive. I feel like popping them right open, but its hard because they are still so heavy. I open my eyes to see my mother, father, sister, and many strangers wearing scrubs and lab coats surrounding my bed.

My mother breaks into sobs. My father holds her in his arms smiling at me. Even after everything I've been through it still makes me sick to see him acting like nothing happened. I then look over to my sister, even she is smiling.

"Hi Jazzelle" Says the handsome blond doctor with a name tag pined on his coat that says Dr. Stephen.

"I'm Dr. Stephen. How do you feel?"

Everyone standing around the bed stares at me waiting for my answer.

Dr. Stephen sees me looking at them and says "Shes been through a lot and probably is a little confused. Maybe if I could just talk to her alone for a minute?"

"I want to stay with my daughter! Jazzelle, baby, do you remember who I am? I'm your mom!" I stare at her. Of course I know shes my mother. I just don't know if I can use my voice yet...

"Ummm, if we could just have a minute please, I'm sure you two can catch up."

My mother nods her head and leaves the room. She turns around to look at me. I try my best effort to muster up a half smile. I can see that she knows and puts her hand over her mouth as she leaves the room.

"So, as I was saying before, this is all probably very confusing. But for now how are you feeling? You can just nod your head if your feeling okay and shake it if your not."

I take a minute. I feel pretty okay. A little tired and very confused. Extremely relieved to know I'm alive though. I nod my head.

He smiles. "Good." He pats my hand.

"So you probably want to know what is going on. So if you can remember at all, I don't really expect you too, but if you do you can tell me later, you were in an accident. We are not exactly sure what happened, but the police found you knocked uncurious in an alley. They brought you here and we could not figure out whats wrong. Don't worry though, we have some special doctors coming later to preform a few tests to try and figure out whats wrong. When we couldn't figure out whats wrong we put you in a comma. Its been about two weeks since the accident happened. So here you are now."

I knew that much. I also know I'm alive too. Only thing I don't know is what the accident was about.

"I'll give you a second to take that all in. I think your family probably want to come visit you. Should I send them in, or should I tell them to give you a little while to rest?"

I was so confused I had no idea what to think or what to do. I just stared at him blankly.

"I'll let you rest for a while."

He smiles. I manage to weakly smile back.

"Good girl. You just rest for now. The other doctors should be here in about and hour and half."

I nod my head. He gets up to leave. Shutting the door behind him. For sleeping for two weeks I was awfully tired. I fall into another deep sleep.