Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there
I'm looking out at the crowd, you're everywhere

-One Direction

Rosemary's POV!

Okay, I lied. I didn't faint. It was more like a two seconds blackout. I did though, felt like fainting. My knees were shaking all of a sudden, and it felt like they would fail me anytime. Is it really him? He looks different yes the same. Those same ocean blue eyes…

I was out of my reverie when I heard the girl at the cash register call out, "Next!"

The boy in front of me looked at me apologetically and turned back to the girl to order what he wanted to buy.

I was so stunned that I didn't even realize, the guy just bought his order and was out of Tim Horton's seconds later.

"Excuse me!"

Huh? What?"What?" I asked out loud, thoroughly confused and shocked.

"It's your turn to order Miss," called a very deep and masculine voice.

I quickly turned around to the source of the voice and saw a handsome man who looked like he could be in his early twenties.

I blushed, still too shocked about who I just saw that I wasn't able to comprehend any words to this man. So instead, I turned around hastily and blankly ordered my usual: a medium Iced-Cappuccino and Chicken Salad Sandwich: white and toasted. Still out of it, I lifelessly paid, got my order and made my way back to my friends.

They were smiling at me when they saw me approach them but they must have noticed the shift in my mood, because their expressions became serious instantly.

"What happened?"

That was Tyler, who got out of his seat and came to stand beside me. He gently took my order from my hand, put it on the table and tuned back to me with the same expression as Mia.

"I-I..." Words failed me, my voice became a whisper.

"I think I saw... AJ?" That came out more like a question than a statement.

Josh's POV!

It was almost one o'clock when I woke up. I still felt restless despite waking up so late.

Half-heartedly, I threw the covers off me and got up to go to washroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my eyes were bloodshot, and my once spiky, black hair, disheveled. After brushing my teeth, I decided a shower was what I needed to fully wake up.

I stepped inside the shower and let the warm water work its magic on my sore muscles.

While under the warm water, my thoughts drifted off to yesterday night's events.

After keep twisting, and tuning, I realized my neighbours made it their mission to keep me awake with their blasting, party music. And that's why when I woke up today, it was already around 1:30 pm.

Getting out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and got a smaller towel to dry my hair.

I was about to make my way back to my room to get dressed, when the sound of the bell ringing threw me off guard.

Who could it be? Aww fuck. I hoped it wasn't my mom. Oh God, please let that be anybody but my parents. But if it wasn't my parents, how did people already hear that a new person was living here? Did they see my lights on yesterday? Or maybe it is the delivery guy my mom told me about yesterday,my conscious remained me.

Shaking my head, I made my way across the hall to get the door, my current state, forgotten. I dodged some bubble-wrapped furniture and couple of boxes that were laid all over the living room.

The bell ringed couple of times more and I made my conclusion on the person outside being veryimpatient.

"Coming," I yelled to whoever was outside and passed the last box. I held out my hand to open the door and heard a small, feminine gasp.

I took in the person outside my porch. She was a very fit, cute girl with short black hair, wearing very short shorts and a blue tank top. I smirked, when I saw she was doing the same thing: checking me out, but she was blushing furiously.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat to get her attention when her eyes stuck still, looking at my lower half. Was this the first time this girl saw a half-naked guy?

She quickly looked up, meeting my gaze. She had beautiful grey eyes with specks of blue and white. She was still red from her neck to her ears. It actually made her look beautiful but was quiet amusing at the same time. I stifled my voice to keep from laughing at this interesting girl.

"Can I help you?" I asked; my voice low and humorous. I wondered if she was my neighbour. Now that would be awesome. Or maybe she was lost or something.

I hid my amused smile and tried again when I saw the pretty girl make no attempt to answer me back.

"Sorry, I was in the middle of getting dressed," I said resting the towel I was using to dry my hair around my neck before pointed at my body to emphasize it. Oh who am I kidding I just wanted to see her reaction.

"Hot damn, he has an accent" I heard the girl say to herself silently. I laughed.

She gasped, realizing what she said and the fact that I heard it. I was starting to like this girl.

"Uhm... Sorry, I didn't mean to say that. Uh, it just slipped. Not that I think you don't have a nice body or accent. 'Cause you do... Uhm, I mean..."

The girl now was full on blabbering and I was chuckling at her cuteness. She had a very nice voice and what I thought was Canadian accent.

"I was just visiting my friend but decided I say 'Hi' to her new neighbour."

When she saw me raise an eyebrow at her statement, she quickly added, "I saw the light on yesterday and wanted to know who the new neighbour was. You see this place was empty for nearly seven years. I was quiet shocked to see the light on, so I thought I'd come by tomorrow, which is now today. And here I am just like I said eh?.. Sorry I'm blabbering. I'm Mia by the way. Mia Summers," the interesting girl, Mia waved her hand with a shy smile, face still red.

With a genuine smile of my own, I held out my hand to her, introducing myself, "Josh, Josh Moore."

She gripped my hand with what seemed like a new found confident, and smiled. "Nice accent. You from the UK?" She asked me and without skipping a beat, I answered, "Thank you babe. Yes I am. Moved here just a day ago and I find your accent quiet charming as well."

"I have an accent?" She flipped her short hair and asked really low, it seemed like she more likely asked herself than me.

I laughed, "Yes you do."

She seemed to realize I heard what she asked and looked at me. Again, shyly, and not before taking a one last look at me from toe to head, she said, "Cool. Well I got to go now. Have plans with the best friends. It was nice meeting you Josh. Hope to see you around."

She flipped her hair again. I smirked and made a silent promise to see her around for sure. Just as she was about to go I pulled on her elbow. She quickly turned back to me with an eyebrow raised. And she looked really hot doing it.
"I-I, erm... I wanted to know what place here was good to eat at?" I stuttered, cursing at how lame I sounded. Since when did I stutter and what kind of a sentence structure was that? Shaking my head, I looked at Mia who spoke with a hint of laughter in her voice, "Well my best friends and I usually hang around at Tim Horton's and eat there. It's don't think you had one of those in UK but it's like Starbucks. But better. They have some great sandwiches as well as drinks. There is one just passed the corner over there." She pointed towards the corner of the street.

I nodded, "Thanks Mia See you around." I winked at her. It got her to blush again and she made her way to the house next door. I watched her until she closed the door to the white fence of my new house and opened the door of the house next to mine.

Shaking my head for what seemed like the billionth time; I made my way inside and closed the door.

I decided to get ready to go to a shopping mall and find something to eat there. Tim Horton's had to wait for another time. Maybe I could even ask this Mia girl out for a drink there the next time I'd see her.

I picked out the first things I saw in my suitcase: a white polo shirt, and a pair of jeans.

After running my hand through my hair couple of times, getting my car keys and wallet, and putting on my Nike shoes, I got out of the house.

In half an hour, I found myself in a pretty massive shopping mall. I got some school applies as well as some new clothes. After the ninth store, my stomach disagreed with me on shopping and made it pretty obvious it needed some source of food.

I saw a worker and asked where the place to eat food here was and he gave me some directions I was sure I got mixed up.

I walked around a little more and stopped. The sign 'Tim Horton's' made me smile and my legs automatically took me there.

Once inside, I saw that there were only two people in the line and went to stand behind an Asian guy. Since it was really hot today and I was pretty thirsty, I decided to order an Iced-Cappuccino and a sandwich.

While the first person on the line ordered her stuff, I felt more people line up behind me. This place was very large and packed so I thought for Canadians, it was a pretty famous place to hangout. I was a… cute place I thought. There were many people: families and friends occupying almost all of the tables. Sounds of machines working, workers getting orders, chatting and laughter filled my ears. I smiled. This was good. This, here would be my new home and I was actually happy for it.

I looked up and saw that the first person on the line said her 'thank you' and left the line to sit on a table. The Asian guy in front of me moved forward so I followed. However, for some reason he stepped back, making me take one as well. I bumped into the person behind me, the back of my head colliding with the person's face I guessed.

A feminine groan filled my ears before the person yelled, "Oww, watch it."

I automatically apologized and turned around to see the damage I caused.

I was shocked to see the crying girl I saw yesterday on my neighbours' terrace. She looked stunning. I don't know why but when she saw me, the beautiful girl gasped, her enchanting, green eyes widening. She pointed a finger at me.

"You," was all I heard from her before I looked at her apologetically and had to turn around and step up to give out my order.

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