Under microscopic lenses,

All transcending wounds are mending,

With another bit of flesh that's as ruby as the sky.

Between the rally of her coughing,

All the scoffing and accosting,

Could we ever make them wonder something other than the "Why?"

Accounting for the numbers, greater,

No mistakes for all the grammar,

Stammer gently, gentrify another castle in her eyes.

Safety's within reach -

No rewards for any contact that we make upon the beach,

And no rewards for the criminals wanted at her side.

So pleasantly we set up camp,

Weather veins and feather rains,

Stifle all our petty senses - groggy to the bone.

To thrill another lover,

Without planted trees to cover,

All our ever loving tokens is a painful thing to own.

With a pair of eyes so sightly,

Make a strong man flinch and falter,

And a married man could never alter anything below.

Her skin is that of legend and I keep her in my ledger,

As if to shake some of her feathers,

And it makes her come ALIVE!

Her hair is that of phoenix,

Full of fire / dark and physics,

Tilt-a-whirl inside a tornado - for others I will not,

For others make me smile not -

I smile more than she could know.