All my life I've fought alone.

So I know I can deal with this on my own.

Giving up is something I don't understand.

It's all in control; I won't let it get out of hand.

I'll plan everything out, follow a routine.

I'll give whatever it takes, I won't give in.

I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

I was so confused, so torn before.

But now I know what I want, I can clearly see.

Now I've found my dream, I've found me.

I think it's easier if we don't have choices.

I got rid of all the contradicting voices.

Now I just need to get back there.

As usual, I'll do it fair and square.

I'll work hard, harder and hardest.

I won't stop till I'm the very best.

Oh no, I'm not breaking down this time sweetie.

Now I've found my dream, I've found me.