Climbing to the top is easy,

It's staying there's that the hard part.

I was the reigning queen for a while,

Then my downfall began to start.


I was at the top for so long.

But then it just all went wrong.

I don't really know what happened.

Everywhere I looked, it was a dead end.


I was giving up all the things important to me.

And the sorrow was so blinding that I couldn't see

What I loved the most was with me all along.

I could've held on to it, I could've been strong.


It's so easy to forget what really matter.

Then all our hopes crumble, all our dreams shatter.

I'm left with regrets now that I've been dethroned.

At least my mind is free from uncertainty now,

I'll get back up there on my own.


Climbing to the top is easy,

It's staying there that's the hard part.

But I'll give it all I've got this time,

I know it in my heart.