Chapter 2. Reasons

"It's been five years Marc! Five years since you showed up here next to your own headstone. And still you won't tell me why it is you have to hide?"

"I can't Iss. You know that."

"You can't. That's all you ever say is you can't. I'm sick of it. You can trust me enough to see me but not enough to tell me why it has to be a secret."

"It's not about trust Iss."

"Then what is it about!?"

"It's about your safety. If you knew and the wrong people found out they'd come after you. Even Chrys and Marie don't know."

It had been five years since Marcs 'death' happened. We were still meeting every Friday night at the graveyard. And he still hadn't told anyone why he was in hiding. We had been 'engaged' for three years. Engaged, you couldn't really call it engaged if we'd never get to be married.

"What could you have done that's so bad you have to pretend to be dead. So bad that only three people from your life know that you're alive. I can't think of anything that makes sense. I also can't think of a reason that anyone would find out I knew if they don't even know you're alive to tell me. Therefore your safety thing is crap."

"Iss, come on. Iss, not tonight, please? You know I love you." Not tonight he says. Well it was our anniversary today. Today we had been together for six years, though five of them had been in secret. I sighed and decided to give in for the moment. I'd try again next week, I didn't want to ruin this night.

"I love you too." He walked the few steps between us and kissed me. "Hmm, I have a different question for you."

"And what would that be?'

"How did Chrys convince you to tell me you were alive."

"That's an interesting story."

"Marc you have to go talk her." My cousin Chrys said as we sat in the agreed upon safe house.

"I'm not allowed Chrys." I replied wearily.

"I don't care! She was crying Marc." She was upset I could tell, she didn't normally seem to care much about other people's feelings.

"Most people cry at funerals." I replied calmly.

"Marc she doesn't cry; not in front of people anyway. I haven't seen her cry since we were in fifth grade. That's six years. And you haven't seen her. She looks sick. She's pale and thin and she dyed her hair black." She was now pacing.

"Chrys….I can't. You have no idea how much I want to but I just can't talk to her." I wished with all my heart that I could.

"Fine then, don't talk to her just go see how she looks." She finally decided.

"Chrys N.."

"No isn't an option. You're allowed to look at people just not talk to them so shut it." She was right in my face now

"Fine." I gave in, no point arguing when you know you can't win. "Why do you care so much anyway?"


"Because isn't an answer."

"Because I've always protected her and she's always helped me. And I don't know why but I feel obligated to always protect her." I was awed. This was a long speech coming from my cousin. And not only was it long but for her it was also very unusual. "Now you will be at the graveyard on Friday, got it?"

"Okay, Okay."

"That does sound like Crys for the most part." I said laughing.

"Yea, She tends to be persistent till she gets what she wants."

"I'm glad, otherwise I wouldn't still have you."

"I'm glad too."