AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a story I am writing which I hope captures a high level of action; suspense and most of all believability.

I try to update the story regularly though sometimes I admit I am lax on that department (though it doesn't mean I abandon the project) Recent updates involve slight changes in the already uploaded Chapters and new Chapters as well.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Eight figures were led into a darkened room from two entrances that stood side by side. They walked in silence, hardly regarding the others present amongst them. They each held a silver Samsonite briefcase – it was the only similar thing from the otherwise different men. And they were all men. Even in the dark, their gender was easily identified. Their bulk, posture and overall attitude betrayed them. They waited patiently, until a few moments later a ninth figure entered the room, shutting the doors behind him. He navigated around the crowd and whatever obstacles lay in the room, like a man who had treaded through this room countless times before. As he stood before the eight, he raised his left hand which held a small remote. With his thumb, he pressed a small switch which caused the room to rumble ominously. Light immediately flooded into the room, momentarily blinding the eight, as two large steel plated doors rolled aside revealing a thick glass window overlooking a breath-taking vista. 'Gentlemen.' The ninth said with a smug grin, 'Let our annual game begin.'