Yearning, so dark and

Forbidden, secret lies in the

Realm of nightmares, captivated,

So innocently, light blinding

Thoughts of reality, chains loosening in

Cherished warmth which sought,

Serenity, sorrow tarnished

With doves preying in exotic soil,

But no tang of frustration,

For native tongue whispers

Smoothly, mounting a well conceived lie,

Beckoning veil of belief,

So believing, a con

Rused beneath facet orbs,

Guiding down tunnel of honesty,

Echoing footsteps bouncing back,

Shimmering blanket invisible,

A smile upon her eyes, true happiness

Glowing, proving those unbreakable ties,

Interlocked in fine maze of hope and evil,

That I am free

Surreal Dawning 4/27/11

© 2011 by knownkonvict

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