This is war; and everyone and everything that I care about are on the line.

Every person close to my heart, every emotion I cherish- everything that's mine.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and the ground underneath my feet shook.

That's when I decide that it's time to take a look at my religious book.

This insignificant ignorant soul realized that it is okay if we have to fight

To undo a wrong done, to establish a truth, to make everything alright.

I'm just another fool trapped in this greedy world of materialistic lust.

I have been broken too many times; too many people shattered my trust.

So now I have decided that I am going to do what I was afraid to do,

This is war; and this is me, yes, and this is how I want to deal with you.

I am the one who wanted peace; you are the one who began this cold war game.

You back-stabbed me, sabotaged my life, you completely corrupted my name.

God is witness to all these, God was my only help, and God was who kept me alive.

God gave me the strength to live without someone whom I have loved since I was five.

That someone is you, who chose to be selfish, and silence all my pleas and cries.

That someone is you, who abandoned me in my world of broken promises and lies.

And this twisted mind game between us has been going on ever since then,

Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

This is not what I wanted, this hurts me the most, my heart slowly breaks.

But I know that you won't stop till I'm over, I've finally learnt from my mistakes.

So maybe it's time that I took up my shield and started defending myself.

So maybe it's time I started fighting back instead of relying on hopes for help.

By now I know that you are not gonna stop until you have me buried underground.

This is war, and truth will win, and I want to turn everything back around.

This is a mental war, with no death, no bloodshed, just bleedings of our heart.

This is war, and I won't stop, no, I won't you let you tear my whole world apart.

A/N: I'm Hindu, if you're wondering. And I'm talking about Mahabharata with reference to The Gita. And no, this poem isn't about an ex.