Remember the days of eleven,
where mom would always say,
'Don't be a pai kia,
stay at home!'

Then as a kid growing,
going out was but plain dreaming.
Chained by terror of
the intimidating cane.

A faint brown it was then,
with split ends and missing handle,
it was a frequent visitor
of my pitiful skin.

Oh whatever sin have I commit,
in the life before this I lived,
for a callow child like me,
to face such torture and pain?

Abborence ballooned up,
with each passing day, hour and second,
until I chanced upon a day one
to my long-awaited freedom.

Ugly heads of swan faces,
were what I had to flock around with,
for a road-nerd first timer to the
unfamiliar home of Orchard Road.

Clothes, books, food and everything more,
yet all I could set my tiny eyes on,
were the digits printed on every tag,
freedom does indeed come with a price!

And now, a young fledgling of sixteen,
out almost all day without any notice,
taking my meals at budget restaurants
and filling myself with high-salt fries.

Yet... Yet no phone calls named 'mom' comes,
not even a message of concern or worry,
How I wish now, that I can turn time back!
I want to taste mom's stir-fried shrimp.

I wish, oh how I really do wish to back to history,
where she'd stroke my hair and embrace me,
I'll be a good kid and follow her orders,
like a little kangaroo in its mother's pouch.

I miss, oh how I really do miss those times,
where mom would always say,
'Don't be a Pai Kia,
stay at home!'


A/N: 'Pai Kia' means bad kid (literally) Pai = bad, Kia = kid. A common slang used when referring to certain behaviours and actions like having long fringes, short skirts, fashionable clothes, going for pedi/medicures, etc. many things and actions can be defined as acts of being a 'Pai Kia'. PM me if you have queries about Pai Kia.