& she'll never forget the first time she saw you

She was drowning and when she saw your face, she knew that she would never be the same

You, who had the smile of an angel that lit up her lifeless world

You, with your dark brown eyes that left her at a loss for words

You, who could barely communicate with her, but still could make her smile nonstop when she was around you

& those feelings have never went away

You're still the angel she knew

You're still the angel she knows

& She loves you so much that she can't even look into your eyes for a long period of time for the fear of what she may find

because she is afraid if she looks too closely, she will see right through your lies and realize that you will never love her

but you still mean everything to her because you bring out the best of her

you bring her back to life

and you give her hope that everything is worth it

and she always feels so stupid because she will give you anything you want just because you'll look at her and say please

with that accent that makes her heart melt

and then you'll say you're sorry and she'll forgive you like nothing happened and she will fall right back into the same trap

& she still loves you even after all you put her through,even after how much you hurt her, because she knows that her life is

better with you in it than without you

and she knows there's never been time when she feels as alive as she feels in your arms

and she knows no one's hand will quite fit the same way as yours does

and no one else gives her those unforgiving butterflies the same way you do

so she can only hope that someday she'll be beautiful, and you'll open your eyes to what is right in front of you

and what has been all along

She can only pray





I can only pray. 3