He pulls me in close, kisses my cheek and then my lips…



He stares at me with his dark green eyes, locking his gaze into my icy blues

But I do not see him…

I see you

I see your empty, dark chocolate eyes

And instead of feeling his warmth, his love

I see you the night you spent beside me

I feel you putting your icy cold fingertips on both of my cheeks

Pulling me in close with your long, thin arms

And you doing those Indian kisses you do

I see your dark chocolate glowing eyes, with all of their lies

And your bright white crooked smile

& then, when he speaks, I hear your voice

your silly little Indian accent voice



Are you listening to me?

I'm sorry for everything"

& I am unable to breathe in my distorted reality

Because I am unable to differentiate between the two different loves of my life

The one who I still see everywhere and whose name I still say in my sleep and see in my dreams

And the one who I am with

& he will never be you, munda

he will never be you