In the light of the half moon, the rain pounded heavily on the black ground, in a gloomy, dark forest. Puddles formed on the dirt path, making the ground mushy and moist. Daffodils bended from the impact of the heavy raindrops as a shadowed figure, quicker than the eye can see, ran down the path, splashing in puddles and kicking up mud. Her breath was quickened as her eyes burned a peculiar bright red. There was someone close in this forest. And they smelled similar to humans. Similar, but she didn't take any notice. At last, spotting a dark figure blocking her path, she had found her new prey. Exhaling another short breath that was visible, she pounced on the seemingly unsuspecting victim.

The figure swerved round and she heard a sword being drawn out of its sheath. Her hands came into contact with a blade, her fingers coiling round it as she landed in front of the taller person. The lightning lit up the area, showing long flowing silver hair and the sky blue sword that she was holding onto. Her eyes gleamed ominously at her new opponent. He threw her off, as if she were just a cat clinging onto something. Landing on a branch, she jumped down, nails out, ready to spill blood. The figure jumped aside and she landed on all fours. Growling deeply at the dodge, she lunged for his waist in an attempt to knock him over. Seeing that he was just as strong as a brick wall, she scrambled up, legs around his hips, arms constricting around his neck. Brushing away the soft silver hair to access his neck, she paused as something velvety slid in between her and the man.

She was thrown off once again with a stronger force than before. Gasping as her back and head collided with one of the trees; she landed heavily on the soggy ground. When she looked up, the sword was inches away from her nose. Glaring up at the darkened face, she smiled slightly.

"You win," she hisses before sinking down into the shadows, off to search for an easier prey to hunt.