The shots rang out through the forest as Ai jumped from one branch to the next. Vampire hunters, they never stop coming. She paused to catch her breath and looked down to the two men that were pursuing her. Sweat trickled down her face in the near midday sun. A bark caught her attention and she glowered at her long-time enemy and rival. A werewolf. The vampire hunter community had hoards of them to track the vampires down. The blonde teenage looking wolf let out a growl as she gnashed her teeth at the vampire. She was on all fours, her sky blue eyes showing a crazed look to her. This was a werewolf in human form and it was thirsty. Bloodthirsty in other words.

Ai scowled at her unattractively before leaping to the next tree. She nearly slipped off and clung to the middle of the tree to keep her balance. She heard shots fired at her and felt a burning pain in her left shoulder. She clutched it as she hissed in pain.

"Silver…" she growled in realisation as she turned to the hunters.

Steam wafted off her shoulder as she glared at the hunters. One had a cocky grin on his face, his gun over his shoulder whilst his partner kept a serious look, gun aimed at her. Ai growled before noticing a purple cloud of poisonous vapour. She'd have to let these ones slide. Thrusting herself into the poison cloud, her immunity prevented her from being affected by the deadly effects of the toxins. As she landed, she heard the hunters talking.

"Aw, man! I forgot the masks!"

"Zackary Faulkner, we come out to Poison Forest to hunt down a vampire, and you forget to bring the poison masks?"


Ai turned as the wolf scoffed.

"You are such a pathetic hunter. It's a damn pity we can't follow her because I'm not immune to poison."

Ai saw her chance and ran down the path to her safety.