If Shepherd you will not take

Then me, as your lover, I will make.

No pretty pleasure would make you move

To live with me and be my love.

We will watch many flocks come and go,

And will observe the river's flow,

And if the birds will sing no more,

Then I will sing to you of lore.

The flowers and fields may fade and wilt,

But my love for you will never tilt.

And if I shall receive your derisive scorn,

Then my heart will surely forever mourn.

Gowns of wool and shoes and flowers

Will evidently fade with time's powers,

But we, we immortals, will last 'til eternity

And watch the rise and fall of modernity.

If belts of straw, fields of green and ivy buds,

Coral clasps, flocks of sheep and amber studs,

Are not enchanting enough to get you to move

With me and be for all time my love,

Then for you I will sing this song

Until forever is too, too long.

Until this delights your mind and may move

You to be with me and be my love.