To My Dear Readers,

Yet another story has come and gone! As you may remember from the brief note at the beginning of 'Snow White', the sequel is already in the process of being uploaded to FP- if you wish to follow Trisytn and Rayne even further on thier adventure, all you have to do is continue on to the first thirty-six chapters of 'Blind Faith'. Enjoy!

But before you go, indulge a humble author-in-training for just a moment and leave a review telling me what you thought: was the story too long? Too short? Boring at such-and-such a point in the middle? Even better, put down a few of your hopes/fears/predictions for what happens in the sequel. We'll see how close you get to the real deal. ;)

I hope you've enjoyed 'Snow White' as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you. As always, KEEP READING! Whether on the internet or at the library, my stuff or everyone else's, keep those books alive! You may never know just how much you do for a book, it's author, and it's myriad fans every time you decide to pick it up, and we all love you for it!

As Always, Your Faithful Author,

de Manriyette

P.S. I have a profile page now! Or something closely resembling one... for those of you who have checked in the past and been disappointed, sorry- it's up now. Try again?