Run, my mind screams

As he climbs up to my window.

The gentle rapping at the pane

Leaves my heart galloping in my chest.

I walk to the window

And smile uncertainly.

He smiles back, and my heart almost stops

At the beauty of his joy.

The moon illuminates him,

Casting his hair in halo

And making his eyes shine like

Pools of silver.

Don't let him in, my mind chides,

Ever quick to think of consequences.

But he raises his hand and gently raps against the pane.

Stay, my heart whispers silently,

Begging, although he cannot hear.

I place my hand against the glass,

And he does the same.

Hope, always, in those silver eyes,

And I fall yet again.

My knees tremble and my throat closes up.

My hands shake and my stomach quivers.

But I open the window.