September 13,2010

The café was a small quaint little building that was as plain as the town. It was a building that was painted white on the outside. Inside the building there was a calm color scheme. There were chairs and tables in the middle of the room. In the back there was a kitchen that had an ice box, counter, oven and some storage places for unprepared food.

Whitney stood there in a kitchen, holding a pan in one hand and a cloth in the other. The old woman behind her hummed as she washed a pot slowly. The old woman had long gray hair and it was put up in a bun. Her hair was covered by a prayer covering. She had brown eyes and pale skin creased with wrinkles. The older woman wore a plain pink dress with a white apron on top of it.

" I always hum a song to help the time pass." The older woman named Sara said.

Whitney looked at the woman and faked a smile. She despised living here; it was like being in another universe. She missed electricity so much it was insane. She wanted to use her cell phone to call a friend or text somebody. How in the world would she go without texting for six months?

"Oh." Whitney said.

Sara smiled and continued to wash the dishes; Whitney could hear more people come into the café. The people were talking and conversing with each other. She could see all the prayer cloths on the women heads. The men's old fashioned attire was easy to pick out too.

"I'm sure you have a holy soul deep down inside of you." Sara said.

Whitney rolled her eyes and continued to scrub the pans. Sara was still gently humming a tune. Whitney could hear the people in the café talking. She observed it was one of the few times when the old order Mennonites communicated with the wider world.

"I'm agnostic or atheist, depending on the day."

Sara smiled and then chuckled a little. Whitney looked down at the ground cursing under her breath. She just wanted to be at home with her technology.

"I never could understand how someone could be an atheist. "

Sara put a pot in a cabinet and shut the door. Whitney looked at the pile of dirty pots and pans. She figured that she was never going to finish doing this. She really wanted a dish washer right now; it would have made everything so much faster.

"I'm afraid I don't understand you either." Whitney said.

The rest of the day dragged on for Whitney, Sara talked and talked. She cleaned in a kitchen and was really worn out by five o clock. Dinner was dull and Whitney felt like her mind was somewhere else.
She sat in her room just looking out the window. Whitney sulked on the flower patterned bedding, she leaned against the pillow. It was all so frustrating; her heart had been pounding all day. Her shoulders were tense and her head pounded. The room was too quaint for her taste; it was as if she was trapped in the room and the town.
Whitney ran out of the room and walked past the kitchen. She saw the door and walked closer to it. She opened the door and walked outside the house. Her walking speed picked up and she began to run.
Josiah sat in his room that he shared with his brother. Epihram was reading the bible quietly; Josiah could hear the clock tick. He looked around at the plain wooden walls and furniture. Then feet were hitting the ground outside, everyone was supposed to be asleep. The he heard a female curse damn it, and knew it was Whitney.
Josiah got up and began to follow Whitney. He saw the door swing open and sighed. Whitney ran outside till the edge of town and stood there. She had a very important choice to make right now. She could run and leave this place. She could stay and pay off her debt. But it was all so painful; everything had changed in the blink of an eye. It was if everyone she loved and knew had betrayed her.
Josiah ran following Whitney's footprints and reached the edge of town. He stopped and saw her standing there; he had never seen someone look so confused before.

The night sky was clear and the stars were a vision that night. Whitney looked up at the stars as her hands shook. She stood on the outskirts of town and looked at the paved roads with yellow lines in them. The tree leaves blew in a rhythm, it seemed. Josiah stood behind her, unsure of what he was supposed to say.

"You can't run away! " Josiah yelled in the dark night.
"Why can't I?"
Whitney glared as she stared out at the road that lay in front of her. She could see cars pass by on the road; the car passengers would look over at her. It seemed all Whitney did now was make a scene.
" Because you have too much going for you! You're pretty, smart and have a nice smile. I'm sure that if everyone here got to know you, they would like you."
"I crashed my car into their church."
Josiah looked at her and his shoulders dropped. Whitney had a magical quality about her that intoxicated him. His heart would be faster, when he was around her.
"Just give this place a chance, Groffdale is really great." Josiah begged.
Whitney could see his pleading eyes in the dark. He was the only one that had been nice to her earlier. There was something different about him, he seemed genuinely curious about her.
"Fine, I will stay."
Josiah sighed and took a deep breath; the wind was still blowing hard. Whitney stared up at the sky avoiding Josiah's glare. It was as if she couldn't shake him off, no matter what she did. In a way fate had brought them together and refused to let them separate.