Midnight Dancing

Her movements like water; shimmering and aglow like gold,

Even the mountains and oceans would bow down to such grace.

The figure is slight with a shadow half concealing her face,

The routine that she shares is almost too much to behold.

Shadows and ghosts jump here and there, like chaos uncontrolled,

Moving, twirling and swirling so quickly, a breathless race.

Like liquid and ice, the dance is slow yet too fast to retrace,

Her fair hair whipping around, slightly tinged green like new mold.

A ninja in black she steals the night, bringing the moon down to her level,

Her steps and emotions so innocent at first, yet they conceal her true demise.

Is it an angel or is it a devil?

That steals the night's eyes,

And turns every creature's plain night, into a lifetime of revel,

Only for it all to end once the moon sleeps and the first rays of the sun rise.