By: empurple

The room seemed smaller than it was, especially with all the clutter all around, and the tall shelves near the door housed plenty of toy cars and toy airplanes instead of books that could be used to further broaden the mind. It was dark, and most probably past midnight, and although there were no lights on, the untouched red Ferrari model in one corner of the room gleamed in the moonlight pouring from the windows. Joining the clutter that lay on the floor were two sets of clothing that were tossed absolutely everywhere – the floor, the lampshade, you name it, there's something there. Somehow, even a pair of boxers found its way on the doorknob, which the mother of the house will certainly not be pleased to find, if ever. The other pair of underwear… Well, let's just say that the best place to hide the evidence of your nightly adventures is that space between your mattress and the frames of your double-sized bed.

Speaking of the bed, two distinct figures now lay calmly on top of it. The owner of the bed lay half-covered, the comforter only covering what need not be seen, for he was used to cold climates, being half a Finnish child. His body was toughened by soccer, and his hands coarse due to holding a pencil through rough sketches of ships. The younger, smaller one, practically draped himself into comforter, unused to the temperature, due to living in a tropical climate. His hands were as light as a painter's, and they created beautiful melodies upon the piano or the violin. The night was perfect to be sleeping beside someone you held dear, just in the serenity of the night. It was perfect…

"Wait—Wait, Dylan, I said- AAAAH~"

… Until, of course, you hear that.

Muklis groaned, attempting to use the comforter to cover his ears from whatever noise was coming from the other room.

"Shh! Your brother is in the other room! Do you really want them to hear you?"

There came a snicker from beside him, "Sorry, Dylan. I think even the people in the Penthouse can hear you,"

Attempting to restrain a snicker because they were two floors below the Penthouse, Muklis turned over and placed a gentle hand on Kristian's lithe body, "Kristian…"

The older boy felt a small little pleasure in hearing his name said that way, so he planted a small kiss upon Muklis' forehead, "Sorry, love," he started, "I'm afraid my sister isn't good at muffling her screams," and he pulled the smaller boy closer to him, making their naked bodies collide.

"Hmm," Muklis pondered, brushing away bristles of blond hair away from Kristian's face, "Either that or she just can't help it that her husband's absolutely amazing,"

Kristian turned his firey-brown eyes towards him, "Are you complaining?" he demanded.

"Of course not," Muklis had to defend his answer with a soft kiss on the cheek, "But you have to admit that they've known for a long time that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives…" His hand now played upon Kristian's chest, and Kristian's hand took it slowly, entwining their fingers.

"Well," he began, "Anna has been seeing Dylan for about twelve years now,"

"So they met when she was… Your age?" Muklis asked, being only seventeen.

"Yeah, something like that," replied Kristian, "Maybe earlier, but she only introduced him to us then. But I really think she's known throughout all that time that he was the one she was going to share all her happiest moments with, I mean she even looked like it too,"

Muklis was about to say something else when Anna, Kristian's sister, decided to scream something again.

"D-damn it! Just—Ah! Dylan, stop—Oh God-"

Thankfully, Dylan must have realized her voice was escalating and decided to muffle her with a pillow, or perhaps his own hand. Either way, it worked.

A silence plagued them both until Muklis decided to place his head over Kristian's chest, hearing his rhythmic heartbeat for a couple of seconds before saying in the voice that the older teen had learned to love, "Kristian?"

Kristian's heart skipped a beat: hopefully Muklis didn't hear it, "Yes?" he said in a loving voice.

"How long have youknown?" Muklis began softly, "…That we were going to be together? I mean, our parents' have said we've been best friends since pre-school, and we practically grew up together. And you were the one who figured out I liked you to begin with. So… How long have you known? How long have we been together, anyway?" He pushed himself to lie face-down upon Kristian's chest, but he held up his head to look into Kristian's eyes.

"Well… I've known you since I was three," Kristian started, looking at Muklis' black orbs in return, "So I'd say I'll give us about fifteen years of being together and knowing each other, give or take?" he chuckled, which surprised Muklis slightly, "Though, I'll say that Anna guessed pretty well that we'd end up together. You should've heard her talking to me about it when I was still trying to hide it from her-"

"I know you're sister's understanding, Kristian, but-"

"-and I think I sounded pretty stupid with all the excuses I was trying to make. I mean, I think she's been so happy about it ever since I've admitted to her that I was in love with you-"

"-you're not-"

"-And I heard she's even tried telling mom, but you know her. She probably believes in some sub-conscious level but I guess it's just not really sinking into her-"

"-Kristian, you aren't-"

"-So I think it's all right, you know? Anna knows, Dylan does too, I bet, and even though life can be hard sometimes, hey I think we deal with it well, right? I mean there are worse scenarios where both parents don't understand and they still somehow find out, but the kids still push through because that's love for you-"


Covering Kristian's mouth to stop him from talking certainly did the trick. Muklis sighed and withdrew his hand away from Kristian's mouth and said, "You're not answering my question,"

"Which one?" asked Kristian with a quirk of an eyebrow.

"How long have you known," Muklis began, "That we were going to be together?"

Instead of an answer, Kristian chuckled and sat up. He bent down and pressed his lips gently upon Muklis' and kissed down upon the jawline and up to the cheeks. What was whispered to Muklis gave him a blush that was never going to wipe off his face no matter how hard he should try the next morning, especially because Anna's screams were non-existent and it was almost so loud and clear: