I know, I should be working on the marshmallow story, my dear readers. I have been gone for too long...=(
Please bear with me until I can get the next chapter posted, but I can't promise any dates yet. Life has just been too hectic lately. And that's what prompted me to write this. Most of the time, we wander aimlessly in life. And it doesn't seem like we're getting anywhere. But then again, the world IS round!

When bored, find something to be busy.
When busy, find something to be bored.
When sleepy, find something with caffeine to be awake.
When suffering from insomnia, take seven Tylenol PM's and knock yourself out until next Tuesday.
When sore from walking, sit down.
When sore from sitting, walk around.
When sick of being sick, wish to go back to school.
When taking a test in school, wish to be sick at home.
When constipated, take a lax.
When suffering from diarrhea, wish to be constipated.
When hair is frizzy/curly, use a hair straightener.
When hair is too straight, take a shower and do not use hair dryer.
When tired of the dark, flip on the light switch.
When blinded by the light, sit in a dark closet with the door closed.
When overly happy, listen to the news to become depressed.
When depressed, overdose on Cymbalta.
When cheeks hurt from smiling, step on the scale and become sick of life.
When sick of life, smile.

You have Christopher Columbus to thank for the inspiration of this poem. R&R please! ~ZeeZee