3: Death is just death nothing to fear so why not joke

Sent: April 19, 15:42


Death does not have a sense of humor.

Death uses the syringe to prick the bodybuilder
And proceeds to suck out his strength
And cackles as he crumples to the ground,
The victim of a 1mm needle,
That reminds him how weak he is.

Death does not smile at the irony
When a champion swimmer drowns.
Death does not cock his ear
To hear the note that prima Donna's
Fade away on.

Death does not shout
"Ready or not, here I come,"
because Death does not play games.


A/N: So this was written in response to a text message that I received. We obviously have very different views of death. I don't fear death, I just didn't appreciate the easy way in which he was talking about it. The way I see it, Death is cruel. Especially with regard to heart attacks and strokes since those are "silent killers," and can take a person away from you before you have time to blink or say goodbye or even accept the idea that they might not be around one day. And he was just mentioning it like something ordinary. As if he didn't even care.

But I do.