My aim ever was to be
a black splotch of tepid ink
on the rain-rank idea of your
last year

I had to have someone to
put on the blame that
took me years of hard-won expertise
to craft; and you fit the weave
so well.

When I go back to the place that
makes me crazy, you'll
be there

When I go back
to my cigarette-blazed hills
and the flaxen-papered sun
to the red dirt that fills my beating throat
you'll be there.

you'll be
Twenty-Two by my next annul

if I could see you this time next
winter, I'd be
wearing your pajamas,
never again so pleased to be

A/N: I've been having trouble with the document manager/uploader. It keeps showing up in a weird text format instead of the simple version, and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. Anyone else experiencing similar problems?