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Anyway! I think this is my most favorite experience yet! Probably because I LOVE Skyrim and writing an experience on it was the most hilarious moment of my life. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Give a shout if you're a Elder Scrolls lover too! FUS RO DAH! *Skryim or anything to do with the Elder Scrolls Series does not belong to me*


"Fus Ro Dah!" I shouted as I threw open Doctor Fosters door. He jumped, but I didn't pay attention to that as I ran across the room to throw some things off his desk dramatically.

"Daisy!" He shouted, sitting back as a can of pencils scattered across the floor and a picture frame clattered against the carpet.

"I am not Daisy!" I shouted, raising my hands in the air, showing off my fake muscle arms and waving my helmeted head around, "I am… DRAGONBORN!"

I started humming the Skyrim theme song as I ran around the room, grabbing an umbrella and pretending to sword fight. "I am Dovakiin!" I shouted as I jumped up onto my chair, "Fear my mighty Thu'um!"

"Daisy, sit down!" Doctor Foster snapped.

"Mortal!" I said, pointing my finger at him, "My name is Dovakiin!"

"Then sit down!" He growled at me.

"You were once an adventure like me, weren't you?" I asked, jumping down from my seat.

"What?" He asked me.

"But then you took an arrow to the knee!" I said pointing the umbrella at him angrily, "You are baby! I took an arrow to the face! I took five arrows to the knee! I took six in my rear! You are baby!"

Doctor Foster sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Please sit down."

"You do not command me! I am Dovakiin!" I shouted, "The only ones I fall before are Dragon Priests, Saber cats, and ludicrous numbers of Thalmor!"

"Daisy," Doctor Foster warned, "If you don't cut this out I-"

"Mortal!" I shouted, "cease speaking to me! I must sneak!" With that, I ran to the corner of his desk and crouched down to peer at him over the rim.

"You cannot see me now!" I said, "Oooh! Where is that voice coming from? You'll never know!"

"I can see you, Daisy," Doctor Foster groaned.

"No you cannot! My sneak level is too high!" I said, scuttling out from behind his desk to crouch in the middle of the room, "Even now you cannot see me!"

Doctor Foster reached over and pressed the comm. button on his desk. "Randy! Get her out of here!"

And thus ends the tale of how I got to wear my sixth straight jacket.

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