My grandmother, or as I call her grandma ma, was the best grandmother I could ever ask for. She looked amazing at her age of 62 and was a kind and caring lady. Like any other Easter I was over at her house for the annual Easter egg hunt. Though since I was an only child, she usually invited children from the neighbourhood to join in the fun. We had just pulled into the driveway and I was so excited, I could hardly wait. I saw some kids playing tag in the front garden, while some parents watched them.

When the car was fully parked I jumped out and ran up to the front porch. My Mum and Dad quickly followed me. She came up to me and ushered me up the steps. I rung the doorbell and waited impatiently for grandma ma to answer it. "Grandma ma," I shouted when the door opened but to my surprise it wasn't her. "Who are you!" I asked the eleven-year-old boy in front of me. "Darling!" my mother scolded, "that isn't very polite." Although I didn't want to disobey my mother I gave the boy the best scowl I could. Though instead of scaring him he smirked and laughed. "I'm Dillon," he said while trying to calm down.

"Dearies come in, how are you? Aw how's my little pumpkin pie? Oh my gosh haven't you grown tall!" I looked up at my grandmother coming down the hall with a huge grin on her face. I quickly changed my facial expression to a one of joy. I nodded and beamed up at her. I had indeed grown taller. Then I heard a snort from Dillon. I scowled at him again while my grandmother wasn't looking. She was now greeting my parents and welcoming them inside. I walked down the hall followed my Dillon.

"So, pumpkin pie, that's your grandma?" He smirked at the name and eying me with big hazel eyes. "No one calls me that except for my grandma ma," I said glaring at the ground, as I continued to walk down the long hall. "Oh really, pumpkin pie?" he said mocking the name even more. "Yep, really," I said popping the p. The rest of the time before the hunt, I spent trying to avoid Dillon as best as I could. It was almost ten thirty. That's when the Easter egg hunt starts. It finishes at eleven or earlier if everyone finds all the eggs. Which usually everybody does cause they are brightly colored so they are hard to miss.

The Easter egg hunt had started only a few minutes ago. I had only found two eggs but each year you mostly find about five to seven eggs. So I was doing pretty well so far. I was now running around and had just spotted a colorful little egg behind a bush. I crawled around the bush and I was only millimeters away from grabbing it when someone else's hand went onto it before mine had. I looked up to see a boy around my age smiling at me. "Is this yours?" he asked while picking up the egg. I didn't know what to say. I just kept looking at the egg he was holding. Without me replying he held my hand softly and turned it over so my palm faced up wards and put the egg into it. I looked back up at him and he was still smiling at me.

"I'm Leo," he said. I just kept staring at the egg and then smiled. "I'm Tillie," I said finely looking up at him. His crystal clear eyes kept a grasp on mine, while I watched his with great interest. He helped me to my feet while still gazing deeply into my eyes. I was fascinated by his kind gestures. Most boys were stupid and made gross jokes but Leo seemed helpful and nice. What a great friend he would make and oh how right I was about that.

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